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New Rheem Atmospheric and Power Vent Models Allow for Easy Installation and Faster Servicing

August 3, 2022
atmospheric and power vent water heater

atmospheric and power vent water heater

This expansion of the Rheem® product line makes our atmospheric and power vent models even more flexible to different applications with its addition of side water connections for space heating applications. Plumbers will find that it speeds up their job to help customers get back to their everyday life.

New Side Water Connections

The addition of side water connections and high BTU (British Thermal Unit/output) models that provide more hot water without increasing footprint allow for a broader product offering for more applications. Plumbers save time on installation with no additional plumbing required when replacing an existing water heater in a hydronic heating application, making it an easy replacement.

atmospheric and power vent diagramQuicker to Install and Service

With easy access to the burner assembly and fewer parts, service calls are faster for plumbers which means less down time for homeowners. Due to the cord-free design, atmospheric models with side water connections can be installed in more places without the need of an electrical outlet. The electronic control valve provides self-diagnostics which allows for faster servicing.

Advanced Burner Safety System

Homeowners want to know that they are doing everything they can to keep their home safe. This unit prevents issues down the road and keeps their home safe in the long run. The advanced burner safety system safely shuts down the unit if flammable vapors are present. We went the extra mile to ensure our entire line of atmospheric and power vent models is packed with safety features. The system includes:

  • Integrated flammable vapor (FV) sensor can save the homeowner from having to replace the entire unit
  • Flame-arrestor plates and screens stop lint, dust and oil (LDO) debris from entering the combustion chamber
  • Safety features that are built in

Bonus: Extended Warranty Options

Making an investment in a new water heater is made even better when you can have a longer warranty to ensure your unit has the longest life possible. Both power vent and atmospheric models offer expanded warranty options with 6-year and 8-year models that can be extended with our Protection Plus® Kit for additional years of worry-free hot water.

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