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Navigating the New Water Heater Training YouTube Channel from Rheem

June 4, 2021
Rheem Water Heater Training YouTube channel

We know how it is. You are busy. You don’t have time to watch an hour-long video to answer one little question. You know what you’re doing and don’t need all the other information that you already know.

That is where our new YouTube channel comes in. Now, we’re not creating 15-second videos because that isn’t enough time to explain something fully. However, we try to keep our videos as short as possible and focused. That way, you don’t have to scroll that mini slider to fast forward to the part you’re looking for to find specific information.

Short and Sweet Videos Get to the Point

We’d rather release a lot of short videos with specific topics than long ones that make it hard for you to find what you’re looking for. Most of our videos are five minutes or less. Just a few so far for the Rheem® ProTerra™ Hybrid Electric Water Heater:
– Ducting
– Condensation Management
– Room Air Requirements

Short YouTube videos

Subscribe to YouTube channel and click the notification bellNever Miss a Video as a Channel Subscriber

When you know what we have on our channel, it will help you in the moment when you’re looking for something fast. Subscribe to our channel and turn on the notifications so you won’t miss one. Even if you can’t watch it right then, you know it’s there waiting for you.

Here is how to subscribe and turn on notifications:
1. Click subscribe
2. Click the notification bell and select ‘All’
3. Turn on notifications in your phone settings

Also, give our videos a thumbs up if you like them so we’ll know what to make more of next time.

We Want Your Suggestions

Tell us what you’d like our plumbing experts and Master Plumbers to film a video about. From products to technology and install to service. Our channel will be most useful if we cover the topics that you want to see. So, take a minute to submit an idea to

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