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Rheem Maximus Takes Efficiency and Performance to the Max

March 2, 2023
Rheem Maximus high efficiency gas water heater

If you are looking for a water heater that has it all, our newest gas water heater delivers. Rheem® Maximus™ Super High Efficiency Gas Water Heater with LeakSense™ has maximum efficiency covered with the latest in high demand water delivery and smart control.

Maximum Efficiency Means Maximum Energy Cost Savings

It’s the best when you find something that is top of the line, and you can take advantage of incentives. Maximus qualifies for up to $600 in federal tax credits and may qualify for additional rebates in your area. Maximus is so efficient that the estimated energy costs savings are up to $1,100+ over 12 years1. Super high efficiency is also good for the planet. You can reduce your carbon footprint through up to a 36% reduction in energy use2.

Powerful Performance with Higher Output and MaxMode

With an efficient yet powerful burner, Maximus delivers up to 2.5x the hot water of a standard 50-gallon tank3. In addition, MaxMode™ gives the water heater the boost it needs to keep up when demand is high, producing up to 15% more hot water. Even with houseguests, homeowners are covered.

Smart Control Provides Savings and Peace of Mind

Another Maximus perk is control through the EcoNet® App. You can find the right balance of energy savings and hot water for your household’s needs with EcoNet app temperature control, operation modes, scheduling and energy usage tracking. More unique features, the Hot Water Availability Indicator and LeakSense™ leak detection allow you to check hot water levels before you shower and receive alerts of any leak in as little as 15 seconds4.

Industry Best 12-Year Warranty

With Maximus, homeowners get the ultimate peace of mind. It is built to last, so it comes with a 12-year tank and parts warranty.

1Based on AOC (annual operating cost) comparison of 40- and 50-gallon Rheem Maximus Gas Water Heaters to standard gas water heaters of like capacity with minimum efficiency. 2Comparison of a 40 and 50-gallon Maximus to a standard atmospheric gas tank of like capacity with minimum efficiency. 3Based on comparison of the First Hour Rating of a 50-gallon Rheem® Maximus™ against a standard 50-gallon gas water heater. 4Water leaks from the heater only, as tested across scenarios including a minimum of 5.5mL/hr volume leak rate, using most common installation scenarios. Source: Rheem Leak-Sensing Data: Time starts when leak begins and ends when sensor alarm is triggered. Source: Rheem & Competitive Leak-Sensing Data: as tested across scenarios including a minimum 5.5mL/hr volume leak rate, using most common installation scenarios

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