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Keeping Your Water Heater at Its Best – Tank Edition

November 15, 2021
water heater maintenance tank

A new water heater is a bit of an investment. That is why you want to extend the life of your current water heater as much as possible. You may not think about it until it’s too late and you either have no hot water or a leaking unit. There are steps you can take to make sure that your water heater has what it needs to keep working.
If you have a tankless water heater, read the tankless edition of this article.

Recommended Annual Maintenance for a Tank-Type Water Heater

Your water heater is a major appliance. While it’s hidden away in your basement, attic, closet or garage, keeping it up and running should be top of mind. Call a pro and let them know that you’d like to have your unit checked out. Read on to find out what to ask for so that you don’t miss anything.

Checklist for Your Maintenance Visit

When you talk to your plumber, make sure that you let them know that you’d like to do everything to keep your water heater up to date. Here is a list of things to ask for:

  • Drain, flush and refill
  • Anode rod inspection
  • T&P (Temperature and Pressure) valve inspection
  • Heating element inspection (electric models only)
  • Burner inspection (gas models only)
  • Venting inspection

plumber visitGreat Reason to Build a Relationship with a Plumber

It’s always great to have a professional plumber that you can trust. They will take care of your water heater on an ongoing basis, and they will be there down the road when you have a clogged pipe, experience a plumbing issue or need a new water heater. A fantastic way to start that relationship is to have your local plumber complete the recommended annual maintenance so that they’re on call when you need them for something later.

Note to Remember

Maintenance needs vary by product, so your plumber is the greatest resource on knowing what is right for your specific water heater. You can refer to the Use and Care Manual for details and contact your plumber. We have a plumber finder you can use.

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