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Introducing Rheem Water Heater Training – A YouTube Channel for Plumbers

April 20, 2021
YouTube channel

When you’re out on a job and need to quickly get some how-to help to diagnose or fix a problem, the last thing you want is to have to spend a lot of time searching for useful tips. So, we have created a YouTube channel dedicated to helping our partners out in the field better serve their customers – the new Rheem® Water Heater Training YouTube channel.

This channel will provide plumbers with quickly accessible, easy-to-understand videos on all things water heating. Subscribe today, hit the notification bell and check it out!

At Rheem, we regularly engage with Plumbers – our customers – to understand their challenges and look for ways to help.

Recently, we heard from plumbers that they really want how-to content in a video format, but it has to be short and to the point, and easy to get without jumping through hoops. This new YouTube channel is all about how-tos: how to install, how to troubleshoot, how to service and how to repair.

A Trainer’s Perspective

“As a master plumber and former plumbing company business owner, I really appreciate what Rheem delivers to their customer through training. Now that I am the trainer, I’m in a unique position to create these videos for YouTube because I know that that’s where everybody goes for that quick understanding of something,” said Mike Henry, Rheem Plumber Support Technical Trainer.

What Plumbers Will Get Out of the YouTube Channel

This YouTube channel will feature topics including product service, new products and technology, tips and best practices, and more! Subscribe today and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss a video.

We Want to Hear from You

Have a topic or issue you would like to see us cover? Leave us a note in the comments section of a video or email us at Let us know how we can help you and your business!

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