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How Hot Water Keeps Life Running…Even When It Gets Messy

October 28, 2021
hot water life gets messy

Think about what you do around the house from morning until night. Many of the tasks you do every day are dependent on hot water. Hot water isn’t always top-of-mind, but it keeps our lives running.

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The Key to a Great Day

Everything seemed to go right today. You woke up on the right side of the bed, earlier than usual. You had a productive day at work and just had an exciting evening playing outside with the kids. As everyone heads inside for dinner,…oh no…Fido runs into the kitchen with muddy paws. Instead of spreading the mud across the floor with a towel, you choose to mop and clean the area with hot, soapy water. Now your family can get on with dinner faster. No sweat, hot water has you covered.

dishesHot Water Makes Cleaning Easier

Have you ever tried to clean out a dirty cup or greasy pan with cold water? We automatically fill a sink with hot water when we wash dishes because it just works better. Other chores, like the laundry, rely on hot water. Hot water is a key part of a healthier, cleaner house for your family.

washing faceHot Water Is Fundamental for Comfort

A hot bath, hot shower, hot shave, hot face wash all have one key word in common, hot. Think about the relaxation you feel when you take a hot bath or hot shower. A steamy shave helps avoid irritation and is just more enjoyable. What would life be like without hot water?

commercial kitchenHot Water Keeps Businesses Running

What if you stayed in a hotel that didn’t have clean towels or bedding and you couldn’t take a hot shower. If a restaurant doesn’t have hot water, they will be unable to deliver a dinner service. Hotels, and most businesses for that matter, need hot water to stay up and running.

water heaterGet to Know Rheem Water Heating

Our business is hot water. We spend our days innovating and manufacturing water heaters to keep your life running smoothly. To understand how important hot water is, imagine what life would be like without it. At Rheem, hot water is top of mind and we are passionate about delivering hot water to homes and businesses.

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