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Help Lightning Connects Plumbers to Rheem Tech Services for Merged Reality Help

June 21, 2021
Help Lightning helps plumbers connect to tech services

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to explain something about an install or troubleshooting a job over the phone when it’s best, and most quickly, explained in person. Enter Help Lighting™!
Beam in Rheem® Tech Services while you’re working on a water heater with our new merged reality virtual environment. Sounds sci-fi, and it kind of is, but it’s simple to use.

Right now, our Commercial Tech Services Team has access to this feature and may use it to help you on your next call. Select other agents may utilize this as well.

What Is Merged Reality?

Merged reality is a fancy way of saying that the real world and virtual world can interact. Okay, that sounds a bit out there though. It’s not quite virtual reality where you need the glasses and reach into midair, but it’s close. Maybe a better way to say it is that you can talk to Tech Services just like they’re right there with you. It’s just like a video call, but even cooler.

Help LightningWhat Can Help Lightning Do?

We know that the inside of a water heater can be complex, so being able to point to things can make it much easier to describe the situation. You can draw on the screen and Tech Services can draw on the screen. How easy will that make this?
You can freeze images, use hand gestures, share pictures and add real objects into the virtual space. The best way to test all these features is to try it out. Think of it as a mobile connection to Tech Service that you can access from anywhere.

The Best Part

Hands down. Faster service. Your customers are looking to you to fix their water heater fast and we’re here to help. This new technology can cut down on the back and forth and time explaining everything so that you can reduce their wait time and they can get back to their day.

How It Works

It’s quite a fun feature to use and it will definitely be helpful on the job site. Next time you need to connect with Tech Services, call them at 800-432-8373 and they’ll text you a link to connect so you can solve problems quickly.

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