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Exciting Strides in Sustainability at Rheem

March 16, 2023
Rheem sustainability goals innovation efficiency leadership training

Sustainability is a hot topic in the news, and it’s a significant focus for us at Rheem. Whether you’re environmentally conscious or just interested in efficient, cost-effective products for water heating in your home, there are great options available on the market today. Water heating is the #3 energy user in the home, accounting for about 19% of power usage in the home. By choosing more efficient and sustainable products, you can make a difference for both the environment and your wallet.

As a manufacturer, we see ourselves having an opportunity and responsibility to help homeowners decrease their impact on the environment. We’re taking bold steps to minimize that impact without compromising comfort. At the same time, we’re working to reduce the footprint of our manufacturing. Our industry’s action on sustainability is mission critical, so we’ve set big sustainability goals and our teams are working hard to ensure our goals come true.

Our Sustainable Goals and Progress

2025 Commitments – Our sustainability mission is to deliver A Greater Degree of Good™ to the world. Every day, we’re getting closer to the 100-year anniversary of our business and the date for achieving our first set of sustainability goals. After our anniversary in 2025, we will continue to lead with our bold approach to improvements for our products and processes. We will keep reducing our impact on the environment while empowering our customers and employees to work and live sustainably.

Here are our 2025 goals to make sure we take responsibility and accountability as a manufacturer:

  • Degrees of Innovation – We see a future with zero energy and water waste in the use of our products. By 2025, we will launch a line of heating, cooling and water heating products that boasts a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas footprint.
  • Degrees of Efficiency – We see a future with zero material, energy and water waste in our manufacturing, operations and supply chain. By 2025, we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and achieve Zero Waste to Landfill in our global manufacturing operations.
  • Degrees of Leadership – We are committed to addressing the labor shortage and increasing training needs facing the greater industry. By 2025, we set out to train 250,000 plumbers, contractors and key influencers on sustainable products or sustainable installation and recycling best practices.

Training Goal Accomplished – Thanks to our teams’ hard work, we’ve just achieved one of our goals two years early! As a company, we’ve now trained over 250,000 plumbers, contractors and key influencers around the world on sustainable products, features and practices. Sustainability training is so important, as it empowers our trainees to confidently recommend, sell, install and service more sustainable water heating and HVAC products. We see engaging our customers and partners in sustainability training as a powerful lever for changing the world for the better. Through their recommendations and practices on a day-to-day basis, plumbers and contractors have more power than most to make a huge impact for our Earth.

Opportunity to Do the Right Thing

Our sustainability program is an opportunity to reinforce what’s at the foundation of Rheem’s culture and core values: our belief in doing the right thing. It’s our chance to do the right thing with our products, before, during and after they leave our hands. It’s our chance to do the right thing with our plants, reducing our emissions and being mindful of the resources we consume and discard. And it’s our chance to do the right thing with our platform to empower our people and our partners to be champions for good. We’re proud to be doing the right thing and delivering A Greater Degree of Good.

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