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Virtual Power Plants – The Newest Way to Save Energy and Money

June 24, 2024
Virtual power plants and smart connected products

You may know about power plants, but have you heard of virtual power plants? Often referred to as VPPs, they use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular services to control smart devices like smart thermostats connected to HVAC systems, smart water heaters, photovoltaic solar panels, battery storage systems and EV charging stations. This network of smart devices or assets helps manage electricity demand throughout the day and avoid electric grid emergency response and use of expensive power sources when electricity demand is high.

Spotlight on Women in Engineering at Rheem

June 20, 2024
Rheem women in engineering

Our engineers are integral to our innovative spirit, and this is a special feature on the women for Women in Engineering Day 2024.

Q & A with the Engineers

Why did you decide to become an engineer?

Shruti S. – Choosing to become a materials engineer was a diverse path for me, driven by a desire to gain knowledge and enhance my skill set. My aspiration is to pave the way for future opportunities for society.

What Is a Heat Pump Water Heater and How Does It Work?

June 10, 2024
heat pump water heaters

A heat pump water heater is beyond impressive. To many people, how it works is somewhat of a mystery. Once you understand how it heats water, it will make sense that it is the ultimate in efficiency. It helps homeowners qualify for tax credits, earn utility company incentives and enjoy energy cost savings.

What It Is

We’ll start with the Rheem® ProTerra® Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater. It’s a heat pump and electric water heater in one.