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HotWave Is Popular, Winning Awards and in the News

January 31, 2024
Rheem HotWave awards

Rheem® HotWave® is the multipurpose hose sprayer that provides on-demand heated water for outdoor cleaning projects. It’s a safe and easy way to wash your car, rinse off your outdoor patio and equipment or give your furry friend a bath. It evolved over the years, starting from a sketch to becoming an innovative and versatile tool for homeowners. We’re proud to announce HotWave received multiple awards in 2023 and was featured in news outlets.

Start Your Year with a Water Heater Refresh

January 23, 2024
2024 water heater questions

Happy 2024! A new year calls for new beginnings. Ring in the year with a brand-new Rheem® water heater or a water heater tune-up. It’s always a good idea to be proactive and regularly check your water heater to ensure it’s meeting your household needs. Read below for some questions to get started.

Quick Annual Review of Your Water Heater – Top Questions You Should Know

  1. How old is your water heater?

Wireless Cascading Meets the Most Demanding Water Heating Needs

January 2, 2024
Wireless cascading configuration

Need to satisfy large space heating or domestic hot water demand? The Rheem® ThermaForce™ super high efficiency whole home heating solution includes unique, first to market wireless cascading capabilities. Thanks to this innovative technology, you can easily meet high demand space and water heating needs in larger homes. Read on to find out how wireless cascading works and unlock ultimate flexibility and reliability.

Key Features and Benefits

Wireless cascading offers multiple benefits:

Flexible Configuration – You can wireless cascade up to eight boilers,