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Rheem EcoNet Connection Steps
Rheem EcoNet Connection Steps

Rheem EcoNet Connection Steps

This Rheem EcoNet connection guide is for hybrid electric water heaters.

For help at any time, call EcoNet Support at (800) 255-2388.

Do you already have the EcoNet app and account on your mobile phone?

If so:

  • Log in to the app using the email and password used to set it up and see if you can see your water heater.
  • Note: If you have an existing EcoNet account, but you don’t know the email and/or password for the account, then call EcoNet Support at (800) 255-2388.
  • Click on the screen to the right that corresponds to what you see in your app indicating whether it is Connected or Disconnected to go to next step.

If not…

Search for “Rheem EcoNet” in the app store on your mobile phone and install the Rheem EcoNet app.

  1. Once installed, chose a notification option.
  2. Note: Notifications will let you know if there is a utility event, water leak or other alerts related to your water heater.

  3. Tap Create Account to create your Rheem EcoNet account.
  1. Enter the information requested in the Create An Account screen and tap Submit.
  2. Note: Take note of the email address and password used for your Rheem EcoNet account.

  3. At the Add your first Location screen tap the Add Product box.
  1. At the Add Location screen, select either Use my current location or enter Zip Code and then tap Next.
  2. Note: You will see the Ensure the product is ready screen.

  3. Go to your water heater and use the EcoNet Control Panel on the water heater for the next few steps.

Initiate WiFi Setup on EcoNet Control Panel

From the water heater control panel…

If Wi-Fi Setup screen with setup in progress is not shown then press back arrow to go to Home screen.

  1. From the Home screen shown here, tap Settings.
  • And then tap wifi setup.
  • 8

    Once the Wi-Fi Setup screen is shown…

  • Tap GET STARTED to start this process.
  • 9

    The Ready to Connect screen should appear.

  • If wifi setup is flashing, tap it; wifi setup.
  • It should change to setup in progress.

    Follow the instructions below to connect the water heater to the internet via your home WiFi network.


    Connect Water Heater to Home WiFi Network

    If you see the Disconnected screen as shown, then…

  • From Rheem EcoNet App tap the Disconnected product box.
  • The Let’s get you reconnected! screen should appear.

  • Tap Connect Now button.
  • Otherwisecontinue below…


    You will see Ensure Product is Ready screen.

    Make sure Control Panel still shows setup in progress.

  • Tap Continue button in the app.
  • You will be taken to Wi-Fi settings screen on mobile phone.

  • In Wi-Fi Settings on phone, select the Wi-Fi network with “EcoNet” at the beginning. Example: EcoNet-DCFxxxxxxx
  • Tap go back to Rheem EcoNet.
  • 13-l

    This will take you back to the Ensure Product is Ready screen.

  • Tap Continue again.
  • On the Connect your Router screen select your home WiFi network and enter password if needed.
  • Then tap the Connect button.
  • 16-l

    You will see message that says “Setting up Connection”.

  • Tap the “check” button on the screen.
  • This will take you back to Either the Home screen or the Name & Technicians screen.

    Note: As the previous message indicated it could take several minutes for the device to fully reconnect. Once the device product box on the Home screen changes from grey “Disconnected” to red with temperature displayed, the device should be fully provisioned and connected to your home WiFi and the Internet.


    If you see the Names & Technicians screen then…

  • Change Name, Location and add Technician information as desired.
  • Select Done button.
  • This will take you back to the Home screen.

    Otherwise continue below…


    Note: The EcoNet Control Panel may show “Connecting to Internet”, but will finally show “Connected to Internet” with “setup complete”.

  • Select wifi status on control panel to verify the settings on the wifi status screen below.
  • 22

    The wifi status screen will show the MAC Address and other connection information.

  • Select back arrow on the control panel to go back to the main screen.
  • 23

    Connecting your water heater to the Rheem EcoNet app is complete!

    Please verify the connection and see the notes on Energy Saving Participants below.


    Verify Connection

    Verify you can control your water heater from the Rheem EcoNet app by tapping on the product box and try changing the temperature or mode.


    Utility Energy Saving Participants

    If you are participating in your electric utility energy saving load control program (e.g., Reserve Rewards), you will see a green lightning bolt icon appear during a load control event. To ensure you remain in the program…

    • Never delete the Rheem EcoNet app from your mobile phone.
    • Never delete the water heater product in the Rheem EcoNet app.
    • Never enable Follow Schedule in the Rheem Econet App.