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Big Savings for Businesses & the Environment

Rheem® offers Commercial Heat Pump options to help businesses save. In addition to our Light Duty Commercial Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters, we offer Commercial Heat Pump Systems. Each heat pump option helps businesses save energy, money and the planet.

These products meet a stringent set of our internally defined sustainability standards.

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Sustainable Solution
Heat pump technology uses less energy to heat water1—improving building efficiency and adding LEED points
Unmatched Savings
The super high efficiency design reduces energy use and operating costs up to 75%
Dependable Performance
Rheem commercial heat pump water heater systems have been saving companies money for over a decade
Flexible Installation
We designed our heat pump systems with multiple install options—vertical / horizontal and stackable models
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Energy Savings & Exceptional Durability

Rheem® Commercial Heat Pump Systems are built specifically for large-scale commercial applications where a large amount of potable water is needed at usable temperatures. Plus, they can help you minimize your impact on the environment and positively contribute to regional decarbonization goals.

Proven Technology

Applications include multi-family housing, student housing, hotels and corporate campuses

Super High Efficiency

Up to 75% lower operating cost than standard electric water heaters; Produces zero emissions

Eligible for Incentives

Available rebates, incentives and tax credits offset initial capital costs

Suits Most Mild Climates

With automatic defrost and electric tank back-up for lower temps, system provides max hot water outlet temperature up to 150°F

Exceptional Durability

Epoxy-coated evaporator coils provide protection in corrosive environments

Stocked Solution

Products available in days, not months

Custom Support at Every Stage

Sizing, installation, maintenance and training

Multiple Installation Options

Vertical and horizontal discharge orientations; Save space with stackable options

Improves Building Ratings

System efficiency adds LEED points to building


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Smart, Sustainable Savings

Get the smartest, most efficient water heater in its class. By drawing heat energy from the air and using it to heat your water, it uses very little energy. That plus its built-in intelligence makes it one smart choice for light duty applications.

Save Money

Eligible for local utility rebates and a federal tax credit

Save Energy

Five energy-efficient operating modes and UEF up to 4.0 help save up to $491/yr. on energy costs

Easy Installation

Easily replaces a standard electric water heater

Powerful Operation

Delivers more hot water per hour than most standard electric water heaters


Normal operation exhausts cool, dehumidified air; or you can add a duct adapter to send it outside

Easy Service

All service components are reachable from the front

Simple to Maintain

Easily accessible, top-mounted washable air filter

Made for Durability

Enhanced-flow brass drain valve lasts longer and simplifies draining

Built-in EcoNet® WiFi Technology

EcoNet Smart Monitoring System provides energy reports and system alerts to your mobile device

Available LeakGuard™ Leak Detection & Prevention System

Adding the leak detector and shutoff valve kit protects from water damage and alerts you at the unit and through the EcoNet App on a mobile device

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Did You Know?

You can save space by stacking the Commercial Heat Pumps of the Split System or installing them outdoors.

Advanced Heat Pump Solutions Achieve Decarbonization Goals

Rheem Commercial Heat Pump Solutions are critical factors in
energy regulations and green initiatives:

  • Important high efficiency component to achieve decarbonization goals
  • Complies with building energy and decarbonization regulations
  • Improves building efficiency ratings

Why Rheem Commercial

Rheem supports customers every step of the way, from custom application and design, install and start up, to post-install maintenance and service for an unmatched experience.


At Rheem, we focus on innovating with intent, engineering solutions with lifetime sustainability in mind – from material selection to smart features to responsibile recycling

Design for a Better Future

Put the energy- and money-saving power of Rheem Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters to work for your business