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Forbes Ranks Rheem the No. 1 Air Conditioning Brand

December 7, 2021

At Rheem, we like to think that we’re the best at what we do, with a dedicated team pushing us forward each year. So when we heard that Forbes ranked Rheem the No. 1 air conditioning brand, we were ecstatic.
“We are extremely pleased with this recognition by Forbes that validates our commitment to reliability, integrity and innovation,” says Mike Branson, president, Global Air at Rheem Manufacturing Company. “There are so many integral people and parts involved in ensuring our systems are available, performing and maintained. This recognition from Forbes is a testament to our commitment to quality—a mission the founders of Rheem, Richard and Donald Rheem, put in motion nearly 100 years ago and is still very much our goal today.”
As HVAC technology continues to evolve to meet sound and space constraints, energy efficiency demands and the movement toward electrification, HVAC contractors and installers are at the core of ensuring these changes and innovations are clear to homeowners. When you have systems in place that leverage unparalleled expertise and a time-tested dedication to bettering HVAC, it’s nice when industry leaders take notice, and our network of contractors and Pro Partners should also feel proud of this acknowledgement.
Along with a commitment to quality, here are the three key elements that earned Rheem top marks from Forbes.

Quiet Operation

“You’re doing something right if your business has been heating and cooling for nearly 100 years,” Forbes said. And they’re not wrong. We’ve gotten to know many homeowners over the years, and we know that their homes are their sanctuaries—a place of rest and respite from the outside world. We also know that loud noises disrupt the peace. That’s why our air conditioners are built with quiet in mind, producing between 55 and 72 decibels depending on the model—about as loud as a normal conversation.

Excellent Customer Service

Although people come to Rheem for the quality of our products, our value goes beyond HVAC systems. As Forbes said, “they not only make a good air conditioner, but they treat their customers right at a reasonable cost as well.”

When you work with or purchase from Rheem, we’re always there to listen, offer support, answer questions and work with you to solve any issue. We want you to get the best from Rheem, because that’s what we’re all about.


Price is always a factor in any home improvement project. We’re proud to offer fair and flexible pricing that doesn’t compromise quality or efficiency. We also work very closely with our contractors and Pro Partners so that they can offer financing as well, helping to make a system replacement or improvement more manageable for customers. Additionally, all our air conditioners come with a 10-year limited warranty when you register your purchase.

Although Forbes rating Rheem No. 1 is an exciting achievement, it doesn’t mean that our work is done. Every day we act on our commitment to quality, so that we can continue to be the best in business for years to come.