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9 Connectivity Benefits of the EcoNet® Smart Home System

January 19, 2023

As the world ventures into the era of connected everything, HVAC is no exception.

Historically, homeowners could only change and monitor their home temperatures from a physical thermostat. But today, Rheem®’s EcoNet® smart monitoring system allows home comfort from wherever they are with a smart thermostat and connected app.

With the latest in sensor and smart technology, the Wi-Fi-enabled EcoNet® platform offers homeowners a new level of energy savings and maximum home comfort. Here are just a few of the key benefits of EcoNet®:

  1. Flexibility, both at home and away: The new and improved EcoNet® app makes home comfort accessible from the palm of your hand anywhere you are. Homeowners can easily change home temperatures from their smartphone whether they’re in the house, around the block or around the world. 

  1. Scheduling: Planning time away from home? EcoNet®’s scheduling feature allows you to set your home temperature for while you’re away ahead of time.

  2. Geofencing: EcoNet®’s geofencing technology uses your phone’s GPS to know when you are or aren’t home—and then heats or cools the house accordingly, maximizing comfort when you are home and energy savings when you are away.

  3. Zoning: Say no to hot or cold spots. EcoNet® boosts comfort with the ability to control the temperature in all different areas of the home, from the attic to the basement.

  1. Energy savings: Together, all of the above features work to ensure that your home is not expending more energy than it needs. That means big benefits for you and the environment: Not only does EcoNet® make your home work smarter, but less energy also means cost savings and improved sustainability.

  1. Voice command: Perfect home comfort is just a voice command away. EcoNet® includes Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration, so you can control your home comfort with the sound of your voice. Ask Alexa or Google Assistant what the temperature is, to switch between heating and cooling modes, set a new temperature and more.
  1. Utility integration and demand response: In some locations, homeowners can leverage EcoNet®’s demand response capabilities to save energy costs while helping utilities manage the electric grid. This allows EcoNet® to reduce or shift electricity usage during peak times.

  2. Protection: EcoNet® keeps your equipment running in tip-top shape with maintenance and care alerts sent straight through the EcoNet® smart app.

  3. Contractor support: If you do run into a problem with your HVAC system, the EcoNet® app stores your contractor’s information and shares diagnostic information for quick and easy serviceability.


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