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An Inside Look at What It Means to Be a Rheem Pro Partner

November 1, 2022

Rheem understands that its Pro Partners not only provide an essential service to the communities they serve but also are experts in their craft. We also that know Pro Partners often operate family-run businesses that employ the communities they serve.


But between ever-evolving regulations and innovations and high homeowner demand, staying on top of an HVAC business can be a challenge. How can you keep up with an evolving industry and changing customer needs while managing successful business? The hurdles that contractors go through are many, and Rheem wants to be there to offer any support to make the demands of the workday easier.

That’s the whole basis of the Rheem Pro Partner program: to provide contractors with industry support, training, business resources and more to help grow members’ HVAC businesses and provide comfort to their communities.

So, what does it mean to be a Rheem Pro Partner? Here are just a few of the benefits the Pro Partner program offers to not only support contractors and their businesses but also customers and the larger community.



It’s no secret that HVAC is always changing; between upcoming regulations and new innovations, it can be challenging to stay on top of the industry’s latest and greatest. Pro Partners receive tailored professional training on everything from technical product support to business courses on sales and leadership to ensure that they are staying at the top of their game.

Training is offered both in-person, such as at Rheem’s Innovation Learning Centers and events like the Pro Partner Conference, and online through Rheem Academy. This flexibility means that you can train your way, on your time.

Rheem also partners with Interplay Learning to provide Pro Partners with virtual reality-based courses with 3D simulations that mimic hundreds of real-life scenarios from the field. The tech-forward approach motivates contractors to return to and complete a course, provides immediate feedback, and makes learning more enjoyable—just like playing a video game.



Customer Perks

Pro Partner resources such as Residential KwikComfort® Financing mean you can offer customers comfort in more than one way. Financing flexibility gives homeowners more choices on their purchase, plus the ability to get higher-efficiency, more advanced technology than may be financially possible.

For contractors, these kinds of customer perks can go a long way in improving the overall customer experience and boosting your reputation in the community.



Marketing and Business Support

Being a Pro Partner not only provides the tools to train employees and better serve customers, but it also unlocks access to business and growth opportunities. From lead generation to social media help, Rheem works together with contractors to build up their businesses and cement themselves as the leading HVAC company to the communities they serve.

Programs such as Social Horsepower, which provides ready-to-go social assets for Pro Partners’ social channels, and Rheem RepBooster™, which helps protects contractors’ online reputation, take the legwork out of daily business tasks so contractors can focus on what’s important: providing comfort to the community.