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5 Technologies Driving the Future of Smart Home Systems

March 12, 2024
5 Technologies Driving the Future of Smart Home Systems

In today’s day and age, every part of our lives is connected. Including our homes.

Where smart homes were once considered a distant reality, for many people, they are now the norm. And one key aspect of a smart home is that the essential systems that keep them running—think your HVAC and water heating systems—are made up of smart equipment, too. 

Let’s explore the five key technology advancements driving the next era of smart home systems and what they mean for homeowners.


1. The internet of things

Long gone are the days when your home could only be managed while you were physically located within its four walls. Today, the internet of things enables every part of the home for connection.

The internet of things refers to the collective network of devices and technology that connect and exchange data over the internet or other communication networks. Installing smart home equipment such as the EcoNet® Smart Thermostat, which connects to EcoNet-enabled HVAC and water heating products, enables homeowners to conveniently manage their home from one central hub. Homeowners can access the EcoNet app from any smart device to ensure that their home systems are operating efficiently and at peak performance, whether they are down the street or around the world.


2. Increased automation

HVAC automation in particular has been building over the past few years, and innovations continue to evolve. Features such as geofencing make it so homeowners have to do less manual work to keep their homes comfortable every day, no matter where they are.

 EcoNet’s optional geofencing technology uses your phone’s GPS to know when you are or aren’t home, and then heats or cools the house accordingly, maximizing comfort when you are home and energy savings when you are away.

In some locations, homeowners can leverage EcoNet’s demand response capabilities to save energy costs while helping utilities manage the electric grid. This allows EcoNet to reduce or shift electricity usage automatically during peak times.


3. Enhanced controls

Improved control technology means maximum comfort at home. Where homeowners once could only manage home temperatures from a wall thermostat, today’s advanced controls allow automated and intelligent temperature regulation from anywhere in the world.*

Intelligent HVAC and water heating systems also include scheduling capabilities that give homeowners increased control over future temperature settings—not just the temperature at the present moment.

Together, these types of controls help conserve energy and keep systems from working in overdrive.


4. Voice command

Perfect home comfort is just a voice command away. The EcoNet Smart Thermostat includes Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration, so homeowners can control home comfort with the sound of their voice. Ask Alexa or Google Assistant what the temperature is, to switch between heating and cooling modes, set a new temperature, and more.


5. Artificial intelligence (AI)

The rise of AI has been a hot topic across industries. Like automation, smart home equipment built with AI technology can make for more efficient HVAC and water heating systems.

For example, AI algorithms in an HVAC system can modify settings to maximize energy use by analyzing data on temperature and humidity levels. For homeowners, this can mean lower energy costs.

AI can also detect issues in the system before they become bigger—and potentially more costly—problems. Maintenance and care alerts sent directly to the EcoNet smart app, for instance, can help keep equipment running at peak performance and increase system longevity.

As technology continues to evolve, Rheem continues to innovate with it, adapting and designing HVAC and water heating solutions that are at the forefront of smart home technology. 



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*Wi-Fi broadband internet connection required. Download the EcoNet® App from the App Store® or Google Play® to set up your EcoNet Smart Thermostat. Receipt of notifications depend on home Wi-Fi setup. Amazon, Alexa, and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.