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5 Benefits of a Ductless Heat Pump System

April 4, 2024
5 Benefits of a Ductless Heat Pump System

If you’re considering installing a ductless HVAC system in your home, you’ve come to the right place.

Ductless heat pump systems, sometimes called mini-splits, are a great solution for zoned air conditioning in spaces without ductwork, such as sunrooms, attics, garages, or other home add-ons. And like traditional heat pumps, ductless systems provide both heating and cooling to ensure peak comfort for every season. 

Here are five key reasons why a ductless heat pump system may be the best choice for your home.


1. Custom comfort for any room, year-round

Ductless systems use heat pump technology. In cooler months, heat is absorbed from outside air and transferred inside your home to keep you warm all winter. In the summer, heat is transferred from the inside out to provide cool comfort.

With no ductwork to install, you can customize the comfort of individual rooms or spaces quickly and easily, as needed. Rheem® ductless heat pump systems also come with an easy-to-use remote for heating and cooling control and convenience at your fingertips.


2. Easy installation

Because ductless heat pump systems don’t require ductwork, homeowners have the flexibility to install them wherever heating and cooling is needed, with only small equipment and copper tubing to install.


3. Energy savings

The heat pump technology behind ductless systems means more efficient heating and cooling for your home. For example, on cold days, ductless heat pump systems can deliver up to four times the heat for the amount of energy consumed.

In fact, ductless systems’ high cooling efficiencies are 135% higher than minimum SEER2 regulations, and high heating efficiencies are 67% higher than minimum HSPF2 regulations. Rheem’s ductless heat pump systems’ smart energy-saving operations also includes inverter technology that adjusts to match your space’s cooling and heating demand.


4. Utility savings

Because ductless heat pump systems do more with less energy, you’ll spend less on your home comfort. Installing a Rheem ductless heat pump system can shrink utility bills by up to 25%.


5. Eligible for tax rebates and incentives

To encourage customers to buy energy-efficient products, many local utility companies offer significant rebates for the purchase of a ductless heat pump system. Installing a ductless heat pumps system may also make you eligible for national tax rebates and incentives. Check with your utility provider and to see eligibility.


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