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3 Ways to Bring Comfort This Holiday Season

December 23, 2021

We all know the holidays are a festive time full of celebration but ‘tis the season to also give back. Outside of HVAC contractors’ everyday jobs of creating warm, comfortable homes to gather in, we know that there are so many ways local HVAC businesses are giving back to improve the lives of people in their communities, as well as boost spirits among employees.
Here are just a few of the outstanding efforts being made by HVAC partners to spread cheer and comfort throughout their communities and employees this holiday season.
1. Community outreach
Food banks, coat drives, local charities—the list is endless for how contractors and technicians can provide holiday comfort to the places and people they serve every day.
We recently learned that Bush Heating, serving western Ohio and eastern Pennsylvania, collected hats and gloves and donated them to their local school district to distribute among children in need for the winter. “We want to ensure that we focus on keeping everyone warm, not just in their homes,” says Allison Oltmann, whose family owns the business.
Similarly, Wetzel’s Heat & Air, out of Winnsboro, Texas, took three children out shopping for new clothes and shoes with a few fun extras thrown in to make the holidays special.
Greg Romano, District Sales Manager at Rheem Manufacturing, has also worked with contractors who have donated their time to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, helping children with critical illnesses live out their dreams.
No matter what the cause, finding ways to reach out and connect to your community, both big and small, can go a long way not only for the people you service but also make a difference in the lives of people who need help.
2. Providing special holiday perks to employees
Contractors, technicians, customer care experts, and behind-the-scenes office professionals work together to make every day a successful day in business. The holidays are a perfect time to take a step back and acknowledge their accomplishments, both as a team and individually.
Outside of a holiday party, consider gifting them a special holiday bonus or a few extra days off to spend time with their families. Or, offer them a chance to help ideate and participate in local giving and charity causes they are passionate about. Not only will these extra perks improve morale, but they can also boost company culture, showing them that you recognize their contributions and prioritize people first.
3. Product and installation giveaways 
As the winter nights get cold, perhaps the most moving way to give back is to provide HVAC systems and services to those in need.
“Each season for the last several years, I find a couple or few older customers that struggle to pay the bills with us,” says Mike Egan, President and Owner of JACS Heating and Cooling out of Clinton, Tennessee. “We know that they are struggling, and we write their invoice off and send it in a Christmas card. The older I get, I feel for the seniors who struggle to do right and do without.
“We had a nun the other week that was in her 80s, with no heat in the house all fall and winter, and she had not eaten in three days. We fixed her system and got the heat on that day. She cried when we told her that it was on us, and friends brought her groceries and food. We are in the houses every day. We need to look out for the seniors.”
Similarly, Acosta Heating, Cooling and Electrical from Charlotte, North Carolina, runs a “Heat for the Holidays” promotion every December, where it provides heating for a deserving family.
Unlike other jobs, HVAC contractors are in a special position where they often get an inside look at how many people live. This holiday season, and every day, we can all strive to make our communities a little warmer and make a real difference in someone’s life.
If you have a story about what your HVAC business is doing to give back, share your story with Makenzi Roberts, Marketing Manager, Content and Communications at Rheem, at