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What’s Coming in 2024: HVAC Trends, Regulations, and More

January 2, 2024
What’s Coming in 2024: HVAC Trends, Regulations, and More

With another year coming to a close, it’s time to look ahead and prepare for 2024. And if the state of the HVAC industry is any indication, it’s going to be a busy year.

Here are the three major HVAC trends to have on your radar in 2024.


1. Decarbonization

Every year, the HVAC industry steps up its processes and upgrades its equipment to better support the environment. 2024 will be no different, as decarbonization will continue to be a major focus. And part of that is because not only industry standards are changing, but also consumers are more aware and looking for sustainable home solutions.

“With advancements in technology and more awareness of sustainable products and practices, it’s becoming easier for homeowners and businesses to be carbon-conscious and environmentally proactive,” says Randy Roberts, Vice President of Residential AC.

 At Rheem, our sustainability goals are top of mind for everything we do, from the engineering and design of our equipment to manufacturing processes and training. Take Rheem® heat pumps, for example.

“Rheem strives to be a leader in both Air and Water heat pump technologies, offering a range of products from Rheem’s Endeavor® Line of Heat Pumps to the 120 Volt ProTerra® Plug-in Heat Pump Water Heater,” Roberts says. “These revolutionary products reduce users’ carbon footprint and offer energy efficient, easy-to-install solutions that can save on utility bills for the end user.


2. Preparing for new regulation changes

If you work in HVAC, you know that the regulations and standards are always changing.  And with the continued increased focus on decarbonization, that could mean new sustainable standards are on the horizon.

“Our industry has been faced with lots of regulations that impact our products. We don’t anticipate this trend to slow down as the industry is focused on decarbonization. We are also seeing states creating their own regulations, which we follow closely, to ensure we can understand how they will impact our product offering and our customers’ businesses,” Roberts says. “Rheem will continue to invest to make sure we have the products our contractors need to meet these regulations.

Beyond decarbonization, another major regulatory change is set for January 1, 2025: the switch to A2L refrigerants. That means that 2024 will be devoted to ensuring product and people—contractors, distributors and homeowners—are ready come 2025.

Rheem made significant investments in launching all new products in 2022 and 2023 to better prepare our product line for new regulations and new technology. These advanced technology improvements position Rheem for a successful new A2L refrigerant transition,” Roberts says. “Our teams are always focused on doing what’s right and helping our contractor and distributor partners.


3. Homeowner financing

With inflation and higher interest rates, homeowners may find it harder to invest in a new HVAC system—especially ultra-efficient equipment that may qualify them for tax credits. As a contractor, offering financing options such as Rheem Pro Partner QwikComfort financing may make all the difference in making a sale.

“With these purchasing realities in mind, helping consumers to find strong financing solutions is important,” Roberts says. Rheem’s financing solutions may help homeowners opt for more efficient units that will also lead to greater savings in the end, along with rebates.

Although there may be some challenges ahead, Rheem remains positive about the coming year and the opportunities it has in store for the industry as a whole. To be successful, contractors must pay attention to the above three trends, stay in the loop about the latest industry happenings and make training a priority as regulations, standards and technology changes.

“I am feeling optimistic about 2024. It is genuinely thrilling to witness the forward-thinking approach embraced by Rheem, particularly in its substantial investments in cutting-edge training, technology advancements and product production,” Roberts says. “This proactive stance ensures that everyone in the channel is well-equipped to navigate the new year.”


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