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Save energy and water while reducing emissions…one step at a time.

Product Stories

  • Hybrid
  • Heat Pumps
  • Tankless Gas
  • Triton®
  • Modulating Furnace
  • Renaissance™
  • EcoNet®

An Environment of Innovation

Residential Air

Optimal Comfort &
Maximum Efficiency

Prestige® Series R98V Gas Furnace with 98% efficiency and modulating operation saves energy year-round Learn more

Residential Water

Smartest Water Heater, Highest Efficiency

Our Hybrid draws heat from the air to make your water hot—and its environmental footprint smaller Learn more

Residential Water

The Power to Know, Control and Protect

Using LeakGuard and LeakSense technology, the WiFi connected Gladiator Electric Water Heater gives you the peace of mind that your home is protected even when you’re away Learn more

Commercial Water

An Intelligent Water Heater
That Knows When to Quit

Triton® offers scheduling that can reduce energy usage during off-peak hours Learn more

Residential Water

Save Water and
the Planet

Tankless water heaters can save up to 1,100 gallons of water per year with the exclusive Water Savings Setting Learn more

Residential Air

More Customizable Comfort—Less Energy

Efficiently decreases your home’s carbon footprint by drawing heat from outside air to warm your home during the winter—and reversing the process on hot summer days Learn more

Integrated Solutions

A Remote Control for
Your Comfort

The easy-to-use WiFi-enabled EcoNet® Smart Thermostats give you greater control of you energy bills Learn more

Commercial Air

A Masterpiece of
Efficient Uptime

The redesigned Renaissance™ Line delivers performance you can count on and energy savings of over 30% Learn more

Residential Air

Innovative and Super-Efficient

Keeps your family comfortable year-round by efficiently drawing heat from inside your home on warm days and outside on cool days Learn more

Integrated Solutions

Heat Your Water for Free
with H2AC®

Uses excess heat from the cooling process to heat water—and save energy Learn more

Residential Water

3D Savings – Energy,
Space and Money

The new Water Heater Booster saves energy with Vacation and Eco Modes Learn more

Integrated Solutions

A One-of-a-Kind
Two-in-One Solution

Hot water from your Tankless Water Heater warms your home’s air for maximum energy efficiency Learn more

Commercial Water

Water Heaters That Know
How to Work as a Team

Commercial Condensing Tankless Water Heaters can be manifolded to deliver the performance you need and the energy savings you want Learn more

Residential Water

Always Be Ready to
Make a Splash

Our Specialty Series Heat Pump Pool Heater features a scroll compressor for higher efficiency, quieter operation and superior durability Learn more

Residential Water

The Most Durable Electric Water Heater Ever Made

Marathon® features a patented insulation process for extreme efficiency Learn more