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The Sustainable Solution That Delivers Proven Performance for Your Business

October 25, 2021
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When selecting the right water heating system for a commercial setting application, the challenge is finding the solution that excels in a variety of areas. There are usually multiple business goals to consider. They may be to save more energy and money, improve building efficiency ratings or to find a low maintenance solution. See how the Rheem® Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater Split System addresses these goals while keeping in line with regional decarbonization regulations.

How Sustainability Leads to Savings

With sustainable choices becoming more important, it makes sense to think long term. Energy regulation compliance and green building ratings require a highly efficient water heating system.
The new Rheem heat pump system reduces carbon footprint and operating costs by up to 75%. With an efficiency that exceeds 4.0 Coefficient of Performance (COP) at 80°F ambient and 60% relative humidity, it uses less energy than electric, gas or propane. There are rebate incentives and tax credits available that help offset the initial expense. All this adds to the ROI for this super high-efficiency choice that brings energy cost savings.

Tested Performance and Durability

Finding a water heating system that will last is a top factor in a commercial application. You want to pick a product that has proven itself. It must operate in your climate and last long enough to be worth the cost. This Rheem solution has been used in Australia for more than 10 years. It’s a new option for the North American market, but it has stood the test of time.

It can be used in most mild climates. With automatic defrost and electric tank back-up for lower temps, the system provides max hot water outlet temperature up to 150°F. It’s built with high-quality components and epoxy-coated evaporator coils that provide protection in corrosive marine environments.

vertical commercial heat pump water heaterCustom and Flexible Installation

This system easily meets facility performance and layout requirements. Stackable models reduce system footprint and vertical and horizontal exhaust options allow for flexible installation. Because our application engineers custom size each system, we design for optimal performance and layout.

Designed for Low Maintenance Costs

The heat pump’s on-board diagnostics, system configuration and optional high-level building management system connectivity with Modbus or BACnet information enables faster servicing. Contractors can keep businesses up and running and routine maintenance costs low.

Support Is Unmatched

When an application engineer, contractor or end user interacts with our commercial team, support is ready. We offer sizing support for engineers who are designing for the best solution. We have training, technical assistance and live support to help the installing and servicing contractors. Our network is trained on every aspect of the commercial heat pump water heater product to ensure that everything is seamless. Building managers can maintain systems easily because units and system parts are delivered in days instead of weeks from local distribution centers.

Find Out More About Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater Split Systems

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