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Rheem ProPlumber Updates Provide More Benefits to Plumbers

February 16, 2023
Rheem ProPlumber program

Our ProPlumber® program has some updates that will help it best serve plumbers. It’s designed with business growth in mind. Now, there are two tiers so you can choose what works best for your company.

Tiers Offer Flexibility

One tier includes the core features. It’s primarily designed for plumbers that already have an established online presence. This tier focuses on lead generation to bring in new business, and it offers rewards to plumbers for the units that they’re already installing.

The second tier has enhanced features that are geared toward companies that would like to expand their online presence. This tier revolves around reviews, marketing support and business optimization. You’ll have all of the core features from tier one with some additional benefits to grow your business.

ProPlumber Business Growth

The ProPlumber program goes beyond rewards to deliver premium support to top-performing Rheem® partners. It’s designed to help grow businesses by providing unrivaled value in four key areas:

SUPPORT: Our unparalleled customer support resources help plumbers do more business, more efficiently

REWARDS: Plumbers enjoy special rebates and earn valuable rewards through our enhanced points program

REPUTATION: We deliver the tools plumbers need to boost their company’s image and profile online and offline

PARTNERSHIP: The experts at Rheem are here to help plumbers achieve their business goals

Maximizing Your Time

Managing a website, creating a marketing campaign, expanding a fleet and training a team can be expensive and time consuming. With ProPlumber, plumbers get the tools to grow their business easily all in one place so they can focus on what they do best. It’s one smart investment with many returns.

Contact Us for More Information

Find out more by visiting the ProPlumber website. You can also contact the Plumber Support Team at 1-866-339-2388 or email

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