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Rheem Maximus Family Delivers Maximum Efficiency, Powerful Performance and Smart Control

March 14, 2024
Rheem Maximus Family Delivers Maximum Efficiency, Powerful Performance and Smart Control

Designed to give the efficiency, performance and smart features you deserve, Rheem® now offers three Maximus® models. The Maximus family provides a comprehensive selection of super high efficiency condensing gas-fired water heaters that all meet ENERGY STAR® 5.0 requirements. With energy cost and installation savings, tax credits and powerful performance, everything about Maximus is a win-win. There’s no need to choose between sustainability goals and enjoying hot water.

Maximus family water heaters

Review of Maximus Water Heater Models

With a recently expanded line, homeowners now have options to meet hot water demands for larger homes.

Maximus – launched December 2023

      • Up to 2X faster than a standard gas tank to provide continuous hot water1
      • 40-gallon and 50-gallon sizes

Maximus with LeakSense™ – launched in March 2023
Same features as Maximus with additional features:

      • Built-in Wi-Fi
      • Touchscreen display
      • MaxMode™, which gives Maximus the boost it needs to produce up to 15% more hot water and keep up, even if demand gets high
      • Hot Water Availability Indicator to help avoid cold showers
      • Exclusive LeakSense built-in leak detection system
      • Optional LeakGuard™ auto water shut-off valve accessory

Maximus Heavy Duty (HD) with LeakSense – launched in December 2023
Same features as Maximus with LeakSense in a 75-gallon HD model, offering homeowners the greatest hot water delivery

Benefits of All Maximus Models

Powerful Performance – Never worry about running out of hot water–even during times of high demand—from a tank that is as cost effective to install as a standard tank.2

Local Incentives and Tax Credits – Maximus is the most efficient water heater in its class. The Maximus family qualifies for the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Tax Credit or expanded 25C tax credit. Remember to also check with your utility to see what rebates are offered.

Earth-Friendly Design – Maximus was designed with a powerful, yet efficient burner that helps it outperform, so there’s no need to choose between sustainability goals and enjoying hot water. It helps homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and energy use by up to 36%3 and reduce their NOx emissions up to 75%.4

Best in Class Warranty – Backed by a 12-year tank and parts warranty, Maximus with LeakSense models are built to last twice as long as a standard tank. For the Maximus model without LeakSense, there’s an 8-year limited tank and parts warranty.

Benefits of Maximus Models with LeakSense

Smart Controls – Control your hot water experience with smart technology. With integrated Wi-Fi and the EcoNet® app, homeowners can enjoy complete control—like adjusting water temperature and setting Vacation/Away or MaxMode—and know when their water heater needs service. You can program the water heater as needed to match your household needs throughout the day. You can also track your energy usage by viewing weekly, monthly and yearly reports right from your phone to help you better manage consumption. Unlock even more convenience by checking the Hot Water Availability Indicator to see how much hot water is available before jumping into the shower.

Leak Detection – Maximus was designed with homeowner comfort and safety in mind. It features LeakSense leak detection system that detects any leak—large or small, internal or external—in less than 15 seconds5 and alerts the homeowner through the EcoNet app and on-unit display.

Leak Prevention – When you add a LeakGuard auto water shut-off valve kit, Maximus can stop leaks before they become a problem. LeakGuard protects your belongings by limiting leaks to no more than 20 ounces.6

Maximum Efficiency, Powerful Performance, Smart Control

Maximus is here to provide a high performance and sustainable solution with maximum efficiency. Check to see if Maximus meets your household needs.

Make Sure You Schedule Annual Maintenance

Annual professional maintenance is recommended for your water heater to maintain a comfortable home. Find a professional Rheem plumber or contractor near you:


1 Recovery calculation, compare to atmospheric and PV/conventional vent gas.
2 Based on comparison against dimensions of standard gas tank.
3 Comparison of a 40 and 50-gallon Maximus® to a standard atmospheric gas tank of like capacity with minimum efficiency.
4 Comparison of Maximus to a standard atmospheric gas water heater, not to exceed 75,000 BTUs.
5 Water leaks from the heater only, as tested across scenarios including a minimum of 5.5mL/hr volume leak rate, using most common installation scenarios.
6 Applies to models with auto shut-off valve installed only. Testing under a vacuum lock using 50-gallon tank, no expansion tank, average tank pressure of 40 psi, assuming no additional faucets are opened.

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