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Rheem HotWave Tackles Farm Tasks Like Goat Baths

May 22, 2024
Rheem HotWave Tackles Farm Tasks Like Goat Baths

Kerry owns Rafter O at Cordova Creek, a 10-acre farm in Canyon Lake, Texas. With 15 Miniature Nubian goats and Maremma and Kangal livestock guard dogs, she’s found a new way to keep them clean – Rheem® HotWave®. She likes HotWave a lot, but she said that her goats love it even more than she does.

Great for All Animals

It’s great to have a versatile bathing option when you run a farm. Whether it’s for the goats or dogs, all animals have a comfortable, warm shower with HotWave. Plus, there are countless other things that need washing on a farm – fences, barn stall, boots and animal spaces to name a few.

Rheem HotWave Multipurpose Hose Sprayer

Her Favorite Spray Settings

Turns out her favorite HotWave settings change with the weather. When it’s cooler, she uses the yellow, flat, high flow setting. It helps her wet the coat easily before shampooing. If it’s warmer out, she likes the blue, shower, high flow setting. No matter the weather, the flat setting seems to do the best for rinsing the suds off.

What Can Everyone Use It For

It stands up to use on a farm, so it will be ready for any task you throw at it. Doggies, patios, grills, canoes, golf carts and anything else that may get muddy, dusty or dirty. Dogs especially like it because it’s warm water, and you’ll like that you can bathe them outside.
What will you use yours for?

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