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New Rheem Ultra Low NOx Models Are Easier to Install and Service

July 1, 2021
Keeping family safe and up and running with hot water

There’s a lot to say about our new Rheem® Ultra Low NOx (ULN) models. Plumbers will find them even easier to install and service than before, getting their customers’ hot water working faster. They also offer them an even safer unit with a new burner safety system to protect their home.

Easy to serviceSimpler to Install Means Customers Are Happy

Getting a unit up and running quickly is the most important thing to your customers. This unit makes it easy to get them back in operation. It’s self-powered and delivers more hot water without taking up extra space.

We designed it with plumbers in mind to make your job easier. The cord-free design allows models to be installed in more places without the need for a power source nearby. It’s an easy replacement for Rheem and other manufacturers’ ULN models.

Servicing is a Breeze

Plumbers can easily access the burner assembly which means that you can complete a job quicker. There are no filters to clean and the enhanced brass drain valves in the 6-year models and full-flow brass drain valves in the 8-year models speed up your service. You’ll impress your customers with how quickly you get the job done.

Safety for Customers Is a Huge Selling Point

Making sure that products you install prevent issues down the road for customers will be great for your business. Your customers will know that you’re keeping their home safe in the long run. The advanced burner safety system safely shuts down the unit if flammable vapors are present. We went the extra mile to ensure our entire line of ULN models is packed with safety features. The system includes:

  • Integrated flammable vapor (FV) sensor can save the homeowner from having to replace the entire unit
  • Flame-arrestor plates and screens stop lint, dust and oil (LDO) debris from entering the combustion chamber
  • Safety features that are built in

Low Emissions Meet Strict Environmental Standards

An Ultra Low NOx gas water heater meets strict environmental standards while providing the hot water your customer needs. Rheem’s new Ultra Low NOx 75-gallon and 98-gallon design meets 14ng/J NOx requirements, reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions significantly compared to standard water heaters. In some states and municipalities, there are regulations to limit NOx emission of gas water heaters, especially in areas of California and Utah.

High elevationGreat for Even More Customers

Some people like products with longer warranties, and there are expanded options to give them peace of mind. There are side water connections that make it possible to install the unit in space heating situations. Customers in higher elevations will also be glad that they are certified for higher elevations up to 10,000 feet.

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