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Honoring Tradespeople in Plumbing for National Tradesmen Day

September 16, 2022
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On the third Friday of September every year, we observe National Tradesmen Day in the United States. This day recognizes workers who often build their skills and experience through apprenticeships or vocational training. Specifically in building trades, tradespeople pursue areas like plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, masonry, flooring and electricity. All of them are key to creating a safe, secure home or workplace. We’d specifically like to share our gratitude for plumbers. They are dedicated to keeping families up and running with hot water all year long.

Plumbing as an Essential Luxury

At Rheem® Water Heating Headquarters and the Innovation Learning Center (ILC), we work with plumbers who are passionate about ensuring customers’ and businesses’ daily lives aren’t affected by water problems. Water, especially hot water, is an essential that many of us take for granted. In the past, carrying buckets of water from the well back to the house was commonplace and vital to warding off illnesses and infections. Heating up the water was cumbersome and would only happen after carrying the buckets to the house. Hot water was a luxury, not a readily available resource. But now, plumbers work tirelessly to keep our lives running and make sure we have hot water as soon as we turn on the faucet. Thanks to modern plumbing, we can maintain a comfortable, high quality of life and keep ourselves on a healthy and hygienic routine.

A Day in the Life

We can count on the faucet to give us immediate, stable access to running water. But a day in the life of a plumber is unpredictable and often physically demanding. Plumbers are always attending to residents and addressing their water issues. These issues can happen at any time. That means working evenings, weekends and even holidays. Plumbers in their day-to-day life are incredibly hardworking, and the profession breeds a work ethic and dedication unlike any other. To be able to do this work in the first place, it usually takes several years to complete training and become a journeyman, let alone become a master plumber. Some plumbers also start their own businesses and grow a plumbing team. With such a long journey, the plumbing profession ensures plumbers know what they are handling inside and out. After all, they are always treading the fine line between a safe, comfortable environment or a frustrating, inconvenient one.

The Importance of Reliable Water

Readily available water is more than an all-purpose utility. A water heater is more than an “out of sight, out of mind” object stashed away in your basement, attic, closet or garage. You use it to shower, brush your teeth, prepare food, wash dishes and do the laundry. It’s the backbone of your everyday activities. Reliable water is also important on the commercial side as a great deal of industries and businesses within those industries use lots of water. Think of textiles, food and beverage production and automotive manufacturing. This also includes those we depend on to keep our country running like office buildings, hospitals, hotels and schools. If something goes awry in these very essential places inside the home and out, a plumber is there to help.

Moving Forward with Gratitude

One day in a year is too little time to celebrate the big impact plumbers and other tradespeople have in everyone’s daily lives. Tradespeople deserve praise, gratitude and appreciation for all that they do and have done. The next time you see a tradesperson, thank them for their service!

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