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Fall Is the Time for Pumpkin Spice and Checking on Your Water Heater

September 28, 2021
pumpkin spice latte

As the weather gets cooler, you may be thinking about cozying up with a pumpkin spice latte. After a long day of meetings, helping kids with homework, running errands, cooking dinner and cleaning up, you will definitely want to take a hot bath to relax. Make sure you check on your water heater so it’s there for you on the upcoming chilly days.

dishesFirst, Think About Your Hot Water Needs

Have your days been impacted by not having enough hot water for your family to finish everyday tasks? Do you often run out of hot water and need to wait for it to heat up again? Consider whether you have enough hot water that can get you through the upcoming cold weather or if you need to see if there are options that would better meet your household’s needs.

Flush It Out to Keep Your Water Heater Working Properly

If you haven’t flushed out your water heater for over a year, it’s a great time to get that done. Draining your water heater helps get rid of the sediment buildup and will keep your water heater working longer and maximize its output. It’s just like getting your car an oil change. Keeping up on the maintenance improves the performance of your water heater and helps to prolong its life.

Use Your App to Be in the Know

The chilly nights when everyone’s had a long day are the times when you may want to use the Rheem EcoNet® app the most. The Hot Water Availability Indicator lets you know how much hot water is left. If you ran the dishes and ran a load of laundry, you can check to see if there is still enough hot water for a hot shower.

Check the Area for Leaks

Leaks big or small are a sign that your water heater needs immediate attention. Not only can it become a bigger leak and cause damage, it can also affect how much hot water you have. Find a professional plumber and schedule an appointment right away.

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