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What to Know Before Meeting with an HVAC Contractor

May 16, 2023

So, your HVAC system isn’t working properly. Or maybe you’re just due for a seasonal maintenance check. Before meeting with a HVAC contractor here are five key pieces of information to know to make service calls seamless.


1. The age of your HVAC system

The age of your HVAC system can help identify potential problems and solutions before any contractor even looks at it. On Rheem equipment, you can easily find the date of manufacture from the unit’s serial number. The first two numbers after the letter in the middle or beginning of the serial number are the week of manufacture, and the third and fourth numbers are the year of manufacture.


2. Maintenance history
If you’re reaching out to a new HVAC contractor, knowing your system’s history of repairs or issues can improve the troubleshooting process.

3. Warranty information

If your HVAC unit requires a repair or servicing, knowing how much time is left on your warranty can help you save money. You can look up the warranty of any Rheem® product online.


4. Your home heating and cooling needs

You know your home best—beyond a potential HVAC unit malfunction, are there cold or warm spots in your home? Does it take a long time to warm up or cool down in general? Can a high-efficiency system help meet your home sustainability goals? Do you want a connected, smart system that offers more flexibility? Having an idea of what your home and lifestyle needs are will help your HVAC contractor find the best solution for you.


5. The best time to schedule maintenance

Whenever temperatures are at their most extreme—think hot summers and cold winters—HVAC contractors are at their busiest. If you’re due for regular maintenance, reach out to your contractor before the busy heating and cooling seasons. This will not only give you more flexibility in scheduling but also ensures that you get the timeliest service possible. Contractors can also snuff out potential heating and cooling problems before they become larger issues during the seasons when you need heating and cooling most.

Of course, issues can arise at any point in the year, and a malfunctioning system may happen during the busy heating and cooling times. Your HVAC contractor will do everything they can to solve problems and get your HVAC system back up and running in no time.


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