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Endeavor® Provides Cool Indoor Oasis in Miami Home

September 21, 2023
Endeavor® Provides Cool Indoor Oasis in Miami Home

In Miami, the seasonal temperatures are hot and hotter—not to mention the persistent Florida humidity.

When Katerina and Yinon Horwitz moved with their young daughter to their two-floor Miami home, they knew that they needed an HVAC system that would provide a cool, comfortable indoor oasis.

 “In Florida, the lifestyle is living outside,” Yinon says. “You really want the experience when you’re inside to be the most calm and the most cool.”

Unfortunately, their home’s HVAC system wasn’t offering that.

“Our older system was always just blowing cold air at you. Even if you kept it at a higher temperature, it still felt like you had cold air blowing at you all day,” Katerina says. The discomfort became a problem for the whole family and started causing disruptions in their everyday life, especially for their daughter.

“Our daughter sleeps much better when the temperature is just right for her. If it’s a little too chilly, or a little too hot, she immediately wakes up,” Katerina says. “It’s very important that she has just the right temperature, and it’s not too humid.”

On top of that, the old equipment—from 2011—was much less efficient, resulting in increased energy use. As summer rolled around and Miami temperatures began to climb again, the couple knew: It was time to install a new HVAC system.


An HVAC System Designed to Handle Miami Heat

Katerina and Yinon worked with Adrian Gonzalez, president of A&P Air Conditioning, to find an HVAC system that would stand firm against the South Florida temperatures.

“Adrian and team came here and saw the units that we had to understand the work that needed to go into this,” Yinon says, which included an outdoor unit wedged tightly between a large palm tree and bushes.

“We have a complicated system, so we needed to have balance between the two units and two floors,” Katerina adds.

Ultimately the A&P team decided there was only one air conditioning system up for the challenge: the new variable speed Rheem® Endeavor® Line.

“The Endeavor products are multi-stage, which means they are better for comfort because they don’t come on and off like single-stage products,” says John Grindle, business development manager at Rheem. “They come on, they run at slower speeds, and therefore they are able to take more humidity out of the home and make the home more comfortable.”

The Endeavor Line features enhanced technology with the EcoNet® Smart Thermostat and Bluetooth® functionality. For homeowners, EcoNet allows you to manage your home temperature through the EcoNet app, no matter where you are. The built-in Bluetooth technology makes the equipment faster and easier to install and service. Additionally, Endeavor was designed with a smaller footprint than previous equipment and built for quiet operation.

“These systems are much more efficient and sophisticated than others on the market,” Gonzalez says.

A&P partnered with Gemaire Distributors to ensure that the two Endeavor Line systems, both comprised of a Rheem® Classic Plus® Line RA16AZ Air Conditioner and a RH3VZ Air Handler, were ready come installation day.

“Rheem has been a Gemaire partner since the beginning. It’s connected to your phone, they’re high-efficiency, and they remove humidity. Once you start hearing all the things that this product does, how can you not get passionate about it?”

Katerina agrees that Rheem was an easy choice. “Rheem has the reputation for being the best, so, of course, we wanted to go with the best company in the industry.”


Installing Cool Comfort

Come installation day, the A&P team arrived early to ensure Katerina and Yinon had cool air in their home before the hot Miami temperatures hit.

“The team at A&P was so professional, so quick and everything was on schedule,” Katerina says.

Yinon agrees. “It was seamless. By 12 o’clock, they were about done,” he says. “You really felt like, ‘The team is here, and everyone knows what they are doing.’ They brought the best to make sure everything went smoothly.”

And once the Endeavor systems were installed, the couple could feel the difference immediately.

“The difference with having these new units is that the house is so cool, and you don’t even feel that it’s working because it’s so quiet. It’s really amazing,” Katerina says.

Other than relief from the heat, Katerina and Yinon say Endeavor’s EcoNet-enabled functionality with the EcoNet Smart Thermostat has made it easier to manage their home.

“The main features that we love are the connectivity with the app, the fact that it’s saving us energy and our bill is going to go down, as well as how efficient the system is working when it needs to cool off. It’s only working at 45%, so you’re not wasting a lot of power.”

“When we travel, sometimes we forget to set the right temperature,” Yinon says. “You don’t have to run back to the house and manually change it; you can just do it on your phone. You can have a schedule for the week, the night and when you are away.”

All in all, Endeavor has helped Katerina and Yinon carve out a cool slice of paradise away from the heat and humidity of Miami—one where their baby can play and sleep comfortably.

“The night before the units were installed, we were very hot inside our bedroom, and our daughter was cold,” Katerina says. “Once the new system was in, we all slept like babies.”


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