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6 Things to Look For in a Sustainable HVAC System

November 22, 2022

For many homeowners, meeting their home sustainability goals starts with energy efficiency. And while there are many avenues to greener, more efficient homes, HVAC is one area that can make a big impact—and fast.

We know that buying a new HVAC system—let alone an efficient one—can be an overwhelming process. Here are six green features to keep on your radar when looking for a sustainable HVAC system.


Electrification, where electricity is used as the main energy source instead of fossil fuels, is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. HVAC solutions that heat and cool the home using electricity-based sources rather than gas can help reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

See electrification in action: Homeowner Emily Henderson worked with her general contractor, HVAC installer and plumber to renovate her Oregon farmhouse to be electric-first. The result was an energy-efficient HVAC and water heating system that provides top-of-the-line performance while doing right by the planet.

Improved airflow

When airflow is obstructed, an HVAC system becomes strained and must work overtime to achieve the right temperature setting, ruining any chance of energy efficiency. Solutions designed to boost airflow, such as the Rheem Prestige R98V furnace with its patented heat exchanger design, can efficiently keep air circulating and energy savings in check. In fact, the R98V’s 98% annual fuel utilization efficiency means energy—and cost—savings year-round.

Variable speed motors

HVAC systems with a variable speed motor run continuously at half the speed of a single-speed motor. Compared to solutions that rely on a single-stage motors, which are cycled on and off as required by a thermostat, variable speed motors are more efficient and use 25% of power to move the same amount of air. Variable speed motors are also engineered for better dehumidification, which improves indoor air quality.

Programmable thermostats

Adjustable, automated heating and cooling settings ensure comfort when you’re at home and energy efficiency when you’re away. Smart thermostats such as EcoNet are also accessible from anywhere through your smart device, meaning that you can make a change to your home’s temperature anytime.

ENERGY STAR certification

Consider ENERGY STAR a golden seal of approval for energy efficiency. Backed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ENERGY STAR certification means that products have been independently vetted to achieve superior efficiency performance that both help the environment and deliver savings to homeowners. It’s just one reason why Rheem was honored to be named a 2022 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for our work designing and developing intelligent, environmentally responsible heating and cooling products.

Rheem Sustainability Standouts

Like ENERGY STAR certification, Rheem’s Sustainability Standout seal highlights the eco-friendly Rheem products that measure above the rest. The Sustainability Standout designation highlights the Earth- and user-friendly attributes of each product as it relates to energy efficiency, performance, packaging, recyclability and more.

Although many Rheem products have green features, when you see the Sustainability Standout seal, you can trust that the product is the best of the best for both your home and the environment.

If you’re ready to get started on your home efficiency goals, find an independent Rheem contractor near you to get started today.