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5 Ways to Save Energy with a Smart Thermostat

November 29, 2023

Your home’s smart thermostat doesn’t only manage home temperatures. It’s a tool you can use to control and monitor your home’s energy use. And with heating and cooling accounting for about half of an average home’s energy usage, according to the Department of Energy, making sure that your HVAC system is working efficiently can come with big cost savings.

Using a smart thermostat like the Rheem’s EcoNet® Smart Thermostat is an easy way to ensure that your HVAC system is working at peak performance.

What to Know About the 2025 HVAC Refrigerant Change

October 19, 2023

In 2020, the American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act was enacted into law, which authorizes a 15-year phasedown of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) across of a variety of applications—including HVAC.

Come 2025, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will set a 750 global warming potential (GWP) limit for air conditioning. This means that R-410A, with a GWP of 2,088, will no longer be able to be used in new equipment.


Endeavor® Provides Cool Indoor Oasis in Miami Home

September 21, 2023

In Miami, the seasonal temperatures are hot and hotter—not to mention the persistent Florida humidity.

When Katerina and Yinon Horwitz moved with their young daughter to their two-floor Miami home, they knew that they needed an HVAC system that would provide a cool, comfortable indoor oasis.

 “In Florida, the lifestyle is living outside,” Yinon says. “You really want the experience when you’re inside to be the most calm and the most cool.”


6 Benefits of Rheem Whole-Home Solutions

August 30, 2023

Come extreme heat or snowy winter days, your home’s heating, cooling and water heating equipment work to keep your home comfortable no matter what. In fact, a comfortable, smart and sustainable home begins with efficient heating, cooling and water heating equipment.

Although it can be intimidating to buy any new home system, Rheem makes it seamless as a one-stop shop for innovative whole-home solutions across heating, cooling and water heating.

Rheem Family of Brands Brings Cool Relief to Branson Restaurant Hotspot

August 30, 2023

You know what they say: If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.


But at Billy Gail’s—a hit breakfast spot in Branson, Missouri, for more than 26 years—leaving the kitchen is not an option. Known for its 14-inch pancakes and “billion-dollar bacon,” Billy Gail’s added a second Branson location to its roster in 2022 during peak tourist season—and at the height of summer temperatures.

Meet the Rheem Pro Partners Paving the Way in HVAC

July 31, 2023

In early 2022, we announced the start of the Rheem at Work, a new campaign focused on telling the stories behind the passionate, driven and dedicated HVAC contractors all around the country.

Now, over a year into our cross-country trek, we can safely say that we’ve had the pleasure to meet and get to know some of the most hardworking people in the business.

As we continue to uncover the stories of community and partnership that keep our industry going,

How to Make a Commercial Building More Energy Efficient

July 25, 2023

Managing a multi-use commercial space is no easy task—especially where efficiency is concerned. In the United States, commercial buildings represent nearly 16 billion square feet of floorspace and consume more than 250 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of office building energy use.

For property and facility managers, managing a building’s energy efficiency is essential. But what does running an efficient building really mean?

Let’s dig into the benefits of increased energy efficiency and how to make a commercial building more energy efficient.

5 HVAC Marketing Strategies That Will Grow Your Business This Year

July 11, 2023

There is no one guaranteed road to business success—but there are certain HVAC marketing strategies that can help you reach new customers and grow your business.

Whether you’re kickstarting your marketing efforts or looking for new ways to keep the momentum going, it can be hard to know which strategies will work best for your business. Rheem’s Pro Partner™ program offers exclusive, easy-to-access marketing tools and business support to help you achieve your goals.

7 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

June 7, 2023

Beat the summer heat and maintain a comfortable home all season long with these tips

Although the first official day of summer is June 21, the summer heat is already setting in—and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. This summer is on track to bring in record-setting temperatures for much of the United States.

So, what can you do to keep your home cool this summer?

Use these seven tips to maintain a cool and comfortable home all season long,

Meet Rheem’s Team of Engineers Innovating for Tomorrow

May 30, 2023

Every day, Rheem’s dedicated team of engineers rolls up their sleeves to design innovative HVAC technology and equipment that not only delivers maximum comfort but also pushes the industry forward.

In a field that’s always changing, our dedicated group of next-generation thinkers, disruptors and innovators are behind the helm creating solutions to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Take the new Endeavor™ Line, for example. When the Department of Energy signaled a new energy efficiency change that would go into effect January 2023,