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Big Ideas. Bigger Solutions.
Big Ideas. Bigger Solutions.

Big Ideas. Bigger Solutions.

Empowering Home Builders and Buyers to Cut Costs and Carbon

John Fitzgerald, EVP, Operations | July 2020

Water heating and HVAC systems represent two-thirds of a typical American household’s energy consumption. As a leading manufacturer of water heating, HVAC, as well as pool & spa heating and commercial refrigeration products, Rheem® is uniquely positioned to help homeowners and builders dramatically reduce a home’s energy costs and environmental impact.

We’ve been continuously innovating to make products ever more reliable and efficient since our founding nearly a century ago. In recent years, under the leadership of our President and CEO, Chris Peel, Rheem developed a line of smart products with sensor technology to continuously monitor the health of products, boost their efficiency and extend their operating life. This Internet of Things (IoT) technology is an enabler of our sustainability efforts, which are focused on Designing for Zero Waste – including energy waste.

Efficient by Design

Designing for Zero Waste starts with the goal of sending zero waste to landfill in our manufacturing operations, continues with supply chain optimization, and comes full circle with contractor education on responsible installation and recycling of our products. It is key to how our advanced products are designed and managed at the most efficient level. They are designed to use as little energy and water as possible, to provide an amazing user experience, and deliver long-time performance and reliability.

By making products and technology that last and don’t waste resources, we offer a tremendous benefit to home builders who are developing Zero Energy Ready Homes and ENERGY STAR® certified homes and who want a more favorable Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index score. One of the benefits of Rheem’s intelligent line of products is the ability to install both air and water products that are energy efficient, grid-interactive and monitored by a shared EcoNet® monitoring system, which includes the EcoNet Smart Thermostat, as well as a mobile app.

Rheem solutions are helping builders achieve success with both green and smart home enthusiasts. Today, 79% of homeowners say they prioritize purchasing a home appliance that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Plus, homeowners continue to place a premium on energy efficiency – it has become a critical factor in their purchase and upgrade decisions – and home builders are reaping the rewards of meeting that market demand. The Designing for Zero Waste approach offers long-term benefits to the homeowner in terms of sustained comfort, lower energy bills, and increased convenience.

Ready for Zero Energy Ready

A great example of this approach is the Zero Energy Ready Home featured in a recent episode of Designing Spaces on Lifetime. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) defines a zero energy ready home as “a high performance home which is so energy efficient, that a renewable energy system can offset all or most of its annual energy consumption.” The builder, Palm West Home Builders, included premium construction materials, effective shading, and solar panels along with top of the line smart, connected water and air products from Rheem. As a result, this modern, spacious home in Palm Coast, Florida enjoys a monthly energy bill of only about $40.

Included in the installation is the Prestige® Hybrid Electric Water Heater, which is quiet, smart, and one of the most efficient water heaters on the market. With a typical installation, the unit easily pays for itself with an estimated energy savings of up to $4,750 over 10 years. This particular installation is solar panel interactive to achieve the Zero Energy Ready status, which makes the ROI even better. The home also features a Rheem Prestige High-Efficiency Heat Pump, which, in addition to efficiency, offers exceptionally reliable and quiet operation. The EcoNet Smart Thermostat and mobile app tie the Rheem solutions together into a coherent, easily managed and monitored platform.

Having unified monitoring under Rheem’s EcoNet platform not only empowers a builder to construct a greener home, it offers a homeowner a single interface to personalize air and water settings in order to reduce energy and water waste and extend the life of products. For example, sensors in both the water heater and heat pump alert owners about maintenance issues, which can potentially prevent a minor problem from becoming more serious.

At Rheem, we’re committed to making a difference with the products we create, for the people we serve and through the processes that drive us. That’s how we create A Greater Degree of Good.

“We advocate smarter construction, using only the best vendors we can find. That’s why we hooked up with Rheem. They have the same goals that we have. We think Rheem has the best water and air conditioning systems on the market. [Their efficiency] helps the community and, in the long run, the world.”

— Fred Lewers, Palm West Home Builders, featured on Designing Spaces