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Rheem Debuts the Prestige Series Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater.


Rheem’s new hybrid is the most efficient water heater available today, and it costs less than $16 a month to operate

ATLANTA—April 18, 2013–Today, Rheem debuted a new hybrid water heater. The new Rheem Prestige™ Series Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater features an Energy Factor (EF) of 2.45, giving it the highest efficiency in its class. Homeowners can expect to save $329 annually with this ENERGY STAR®-qualified unit, compared to a standard 50-gallon electric model (0.90 EF and 4,879 kWh).

“Energy use for residential water heating costs consumers nearly $32 billion each year*,” said Bryan Collar, product manager, Rheem Water Heating division. “This Rheem Prestige Series unit is the most efficient water heater on the market today, so homeowners can significantly impact their water heating energy consumption with it. We expect that utility bills for running this unit should be less than $16 a month.”

The Rheem Prestige Series Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater uses the same technology that’s found in residential heat pumps, used for heating and air conditioning. Instead of heating stored water directly with a conventional electric element this water heater extracts available heat from the air, intensifies the heat and transfers the heat into the water, a far more cost-effective process. It also has the added benefit of “air conditioning” the space it’s in, since it’s removing the heat from the air and using it to heat water. Installations in places like garages and attics would benefit most from this residual effect.

Rheem developed this product using its 360°+1 product development philosophy, which involves Rheem engineers evaluating every detail of a product from top to bottom, inside and out and everything in between. The engineers then go about designing a product that gives homeowners the best performance and user experience while promising contractors features that will facilitate better installations and maintenance.

To deliver a better user experience, Rheem has created the water heater industry’s first-ever full-color, backlit touch-screen control on unit. The touch-screen gives homeowners the power to control their water temperature and consumption, and it provides detailed diagnostics and service alerts for contractors, which lead to faster service calls.

With the touch-screen, consumers can select from five operating modes based upon their needs. The factory-installed setting is Energy Saver mode, which predominantly uses the unit’s heat pump functionality, but—when necessary—it will employ electric heat to get the water to the desired temperature. Other modes include Heat Pump Only, High Demand, Electric Only and Vacation.

Rheem anticipates that soon consumers will have the ability to be more engaged with their home’s energy consumption, and the company is already laying the groundwork for future connectivity between Rheem appliances, such as heating and cooling systems, pool and spa heaters, and remote access tools through its new, exclusive technology, EcoNet™. It will also ensure optimal performance and energy savings for homeowners, while simplifying installation, maintenance and troubleshooting for contractors. Additionally, EcoNet is future-compatible with home automation, energy management and demand-response systems. The Rheem Hybrid is EcoNet ready right out of the box.

From an installation standpoint, this unit has a 21-inch diameter so it will fit easily through access doors or other narrow spots. DIY homeowners can install this unit in locations such as garages, attics, basements and even smaller enclosed areas, as long as the space has louvered doors to provide adequate airflow. The installation process is the same as any standard electric water heater.

This Prestige Series model is also certified for operation in Northern climates, meaning it can be installed in cooler geographic areas and use the heat pump more days throughout the year. Rheem will offer a 10-year limited tank and parts warranty for this unit.

The product is available now in the U.S. and it will launch in Canada later this year. It qualifies for a $300 federal energy efficiency tax credit, which will be available to homeowners in the U.S. through the end of 2013.

The Rheem Prestige Series of water heating products also includes the company’s Condensing Tankless Water Heater and its High-Efficiency Condensing Power Direct Vent (PDV) Water Heater.

For more information on the new Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater, visit, or contact your local Rheem contractor. To find a Rheem contractor in your area, please visit and click on the Find an Independent Contractor tab.

About Rheem (
Rheem is privately held with headquarters in Atlanta and U.S. operations in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Indiana, North Carolina and Texas. In its 88th year of operation, the company manufactures a full-line of eco-friendly, technologically advanced residential and commercial heating and cooling systems; tank, tankless, solar and hybrid heat pump water heaters; whole-home standby generators, controls, swimming pool and spa heaters; indoor air-purification products; and commercial boilers throughout North America and world markets. The company’s premium brands, including Rheem, Raypak, Ruud and Richmond have been recognized with countless industry and consumer awards for reliability, innovative design and high quality.


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