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Rheem Debuts First-of-its-Kind Residential Tank Water Heater .


Rheem’s new model is the industry’s first water heater to use condensing technology in a residential, tank design; unit achieves a 0.80 EF and costs only $19 per month to operate

ATLANTA, February 4, 2013—Today, Rheem unveiled the new High-Efficiency Condensing Power Direct Vent (PDV) Water Heater. This ENERGY STAR®-qualified water heater is the first in the industry to employ high-efficiency condensing technology in a residential tank design.

The Rheem High-Efficiency Condensing PDV unit achieves a 0.80 Energy Factor (EF), which is the highest EF available today for residential tank-type water heaters. Most typical gas-fired storage water heaters have a 0.59 EF and even ones that are Residential ENERGY STAR (Version 2.0) -qualified are only required to have a 0.67 EF (source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).

“This new Rheem unit is 26 percent more efficient than most typical gas water heaters, and it only costs about $19 per month to operate,” said Brad Johnson, product manager, Rheem Water Heating Division. “Since natural gas prices are at an all-time low, contractors can have a hard time convincing homeowners to choose a high-efficiency unit, and that’s just because it’ll take longer for them to make up the incremental price difference when they’re paying rock-bottom gas rates each month. With this unit, however, homeowners can see utility savings immediately, so they can actually hit a faster payback point on the investment.”

Rheem’s existing water heating platform leverages high-efficiency condensing technology in the company’s Prestige Series line of tankless gas water heaters, and in certain commercial products like the Rheem SPIDERfire® line of commercial water heaters. In the High Efficiency Condensing PDV model, the main flue is capped at the top of the unit. It forces gases down through a proprietary five-coil submerged heat exchanger, which loops around the center flue. The process keeps flue gas in contact with water for a longer period of time, meaning that more heat is transferred to the water.

Because the High-Efficiency Condensing PDV Water Heater delivers more heat to the water, less heat exhausts from the vent. The cooler flue gases permit venting through low-cost 2- or 3-inch PVC piping. The use of PVC simplifies the installation process for the contractor and saves the homeowner costs in venting, components and installation.

In addition, this unit comes with a factory-installed exhaust riser, which conveniently vents at the top of the unit, so contractors don’t have to spend time constructing a bulky side riser. Should a service issue arise, Rheem has included an integrated diagnostic system that helps contractors quickly assess any problems and facilitate faster service calls.

The High-Efficiency Condensing PDV Water Heater is available in the U.S. in 48- and 38-gallon capacities. It will soon launch in Canada in these same capacities, and the unit will also be ENERGY STAR-qualified in Canada. The 48-gallon model has a first hour rating (FHR) of 93 gallons, and the 38-gallon model has a FHR of 74 gallons. The recovery rate varies based upon the model chosen, but it can recover between 43.6 and 48.5 gallons of hot water at a 90 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature. Finally, the unit includes a six-year limited warranty for the tank and its parts.

For more information on the new Rheem High-Efficiency Condensing PDV Water Heater, visit

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Rheem is privately held with headquarters in Atlanta and U.S. operations in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina and Texas. In its 88th year of operation, the company manufactures a full-line of eco-friendly, technologically advanced residential and commercial heating and cooling systems; tank, tankless, solar and hybrid heat pump water heaters; whole-home standby generators, controls, swimming pool and spa heaters; indoor air-purification products; and commercial boilers throughout North America and world markets. The company’s premium brands, including Rheem, Raypak, Ruud and Richmond have been recognized with countless industry and consumer awards for reliability, innovative design and high quality.


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