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Super Duty Condensing High Efficiency

Model # GHE125-500A
Super Duty Condensing High Efficiency
Super Duty Condensing High Efficiency

Super Duty Condensing High Efficiency

Model # GHE125-500A
Thermal Efficiency 93%
Gallons 125
Warranty 3 Yrs
  • Seal combustion system delivers 93% thermal efficiency
  • 119 and 125 gallon capacities
  • 500,000 BTU/Hr
  • Ultra Low NOx
  • Natural and LP gas


The advanced line of 119 and 125-gallon Rheem Super Duty condensing water heaters offer breakthrough technology, providing 93% thermal efficiency. The patented heat transfer system dramatically cuts fuel costs. Models feature 500,000 Btu/h, with a
maximum temperature setting of 180°F.

Faster, Less Costly Venting
All models vent with standard 4" or 6"diameter PVC plastic pipe. Super Duty units can be installed with Power Vent or Power Direct Vent configurations. LCD User Interface

The new LCD user interface is standard on all Super Duty models. It enables installers and service technicians to monitor key functions and components. It includes a scrollable, operational history.

Innovative Technology
The helical-fin three stage heat exchanger is engineered to optimize heat transfer by increasing surface area, thereby increasing heat transfer and efficiency. These products are built to last.

Power or Power Direct Vent
It can be installed as a power-vented product; or as a power direct-vented product when negative air pressure is an issue or if indoor air quality is a concern.

Corrosion Protection
The Super Duty models offer magnesium anode rods to protect the tank and heat exchanger from condensation and corrosion.

Multiple Water Connections
Hot and cold water Inlets and outlets on both sides of the unit; 2" NPT high-flow connections.

Factory Installed Brass Drain Valve
Factory installed brass drain valve allows for draining and servicing.

Advanced Burner Design
Latest models have increased burner surface area for ultra smooth ignition and quiet operation.

Hot Surface Ignition System
Energy saving ignition system for smooth, easy light offs.

Altitude Certification
Standard models are certified up to 2,000 feet; high altitude models available up to 7,800 feet.

CSA/ASME Rated T&P Valve
Factory installed relief valve.

Product Info

Product Depth (in.) 32"
Product Height (in.) 78.5"
Product Width (in.) 32"
Fuel Type Natural Gas and Propane Gas
Thermal Efficiency 93
Primary Warranty 3 Yrs
Tank Capacity 125

Please click here to browse Rheem's BIM/Revit files on BIMobject.

Primary Warranty 3 Yrs

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