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Enjoy instant filtered cold and near-boiling hot water

Available integrated into a faucet or as a standalone dispenser, XpressHot makes it easy to get the hot water you need for everything from hot soups and teas to cleaning stubborn dishes—all without the wait. Take a look:

Quickly change the tank settings to get filtered water at your desired temperature, right from the tap. XpressHot heats water water as high as 208ºF, and water boils at 212ºF, so you can have near-boiling water for all your cooking and cleaning needs right away!


Choose from a faucet or stand-alone dispenser (above) that fits conveniently in an existing soap dispenser hole or on a countertop.

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Installation usually takes 30 minutes or less2—and is easy enough for a DIYer

The XpressHot dispenser model fits into the soap dispenser hole built into most modern sinks. And the faucet model easily replaces an existing faucet. Both models are sized to fit the most common sink openings, but adaptors are available at hardware and home improvement stores if one is needed. Then hookup requires just a few easy under-sink connections.

The wall outlet the base unit plugs into must have a continuous power supply and be fused. It should not be controlled by the same wall switch that operates your disposal. If it is controlled by the same wall switch, it’s required that you purchase an adapter such as a wireless switch or air switch to control the disposal, and leave the wall switch turned on.

To protect your family, there is a safety mechanism for dispensing near-boiling hot water

  • Faucet version has a selection switch for hot/cold/lock, which needs to be rotated to hot, followed by holding the dispense button for 3 seconds.
  • Dispenser version has a child safety lock in which you need to press the unlock button and then the dispense button.

Another way XpressHot helps you keep your family safe, with instant hot water, you can easily sanitize things like baby bottles.

XpressHot helps you save time and water

With XpressHot, you’ll have no more:

  • Waiting for hot water at the faucet
  • Wasting water down the drain waiting for it to heat up
  • Waiting for water to heat up on the stove

Get hot water as fast as you can think of things to do with it

With near-boiling hot water always at the ready, you’ll never run out of ways to use it around your home. From pouring a relaxing beverage or getting out of sticky situation, you get the hot water you need for things like:

  • Tea
  • French Press Coffee
  • Soup
  • Oatmeal
  • Al Dente Pasta
  • Removing Stuck-on Food
  • Sanitizing Bottles
  • Removing Waxy Residue

Designed to seamlessly blend into your kitchen

Both XpressHot models are available in stylish brushed nickel and chrome finishes.

2–1 Dispenser – Shown in Brushed Nickel

The RheemNext team is a cross-functional group set out to innovate creative, new solutions to some of consumers’ biggest hot water challenges. With over 50 years of combined business experience, the team has expertise in fields including engineering, marketing, product management, sales and more. The group leverages these strengths to holistically address problems and provide winning solutions to consumers, enabling transformative hot water experiences for all.


Get filtered cold and near-boiling hot water right away

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