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With a few clicks, the Rheem App provides tools and content designed to make your work as a Rheem heating and air contractor or plumber easier. Guest contractors have access to learning resources and Rheem product information to help make the best decisions about equipment replacement or repair.


Customized content for the Rheem Contractor and Plumber – As a Rheem contractor or plumber get customized content based on the products you support, and the programs and promotions in which you’re enrolled

RealSupport Augmented Reality Tool – troubleshoot installation or repair issues with your fellow contractors or plumbers. Your phone/tablet becomes a video screen and drawing board to share with others to help quickly diagnose issues that may arise on the job site; up to three parties can participate in a support call. Draw or erase your notes and others on the call can see it too. Move the camera away to view something else and when you come back, your notes on the screen are right where you left them. All parties on the call can make notes on the screen.

Search with QR Code Scanning – Find the content or product information you need with the quick search available from any screen. Instantly pull up full product and warranty information, certifications, and documents for any unit with a QR code. You can share documents by adding them to your cart and sending them to any email address

Product Browser – As an alternative to search, you can also use the product browser to access product features, specifications, certifications, and documents. Add documents that you’d like to share to your cart and send them to any email address

Notifications, News & Social – Choose to receive notifications and stay up-to-date on product releases, promotions, news and events. The latest press releases and social media posts from Rheem are always available in the Contractor app, updated in real time