Power Vent

The Power Vent is now available as part of the Rheem Professional Series. You can find information about the product here.


  • Guardian System™ - Air/fuel shut-off system offers double protection, maintenance free- no filter to clean

  • Flammable Vapor Detection Sensor - protective control system that disables the heater in the presence of flammable vapor accumulation

  • Long venting lengths up to 100 feet

  • PVC, ABS, or CPVC vent pipe options

  • Vertical or horizontal termination

  • New Quiet Blower - less noise than ever before

  • Self-Diagnostic System

  • Environmentally Friendly Low NOx Burner

  • High Altitude Compliant - Tall models are certified for applications up to 7,700 feet and short models up to 6,000 feet

  • Self-Cleaning - EverKleen™ patented system fights sediment build up

  • Reduces fuel costs and provides more hot water

  • Patented magnesium anode rod design incorporates a special resistor that protects the tank from corrosion for longer life

  • Standard 110 volt electrical connection

  TALL 40 43VP40E2 0.67 EnergyStar
  50 43VP50E2 0.67 EnergyStar
  60 42VP60FW 0.62  
  75 42VP75FW 0.57  
40 43VP40SE2 0.67 EnergyStar
  50 43VP50SE2 0.67 EnergyStar
  40 42VP40FN 0.67 EnergyStar
  50 42VP50FN 0.67 EnergyStar
  40 PVS40-36E2
 0.67 EnergyStar
 0.67 EnergyStar
 PVW60FV  0.62  
  75 PVW75FV

  Available in Canada only

  • Induced draft with the Guardian FVIR System
  • Flexible venting options up to 100 feet
  • 40, 50, 60 and 75 gallon tall and short capacities
  • Integrated self-diagnostic system control, thermostat and gas valve
  • SCAQMD rule 1121 compliant models available: 10ng/J NOx emissions


Power Vent
Brochure (US and Canada)
Spec Sheet - 40 and 50 gal (Canada)
Spec Sheet - 40 and 50 gal (US)
Spec Sheet - Heavy Duty (Canada)
Spec Sheet - Heavy Duty (US)
Spec Sheet - Ultra Low NOx (US)
Use and Care Manual - 40 and 50 gal (Canada)
Use and Care Manual - 40 and 50 gal (US)
Warranty Flyer (Canada)


United States
Tank Warranty - 6 Years

Parts Warranty - 6 Years

With ProtectionPlus™ the 6-year limited tank warranty becomes 10 years!


Tank Warranty - 8 Years

Parts Warranty - 6 Years
With ProtectionPlus™ the 8-year limited tank warranty becomes 10 years!

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