Rheem Professional Prestige Series: Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heaters with Built-in Recirculation Series

Professional Prestige Series: Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heaters with Built-in Recirculation

Rheem Prestige® RTGH is a series of high efficiency condensing tankless gas water heaters designed for continuous hot water


  • .94 UEF - US 
  • .96  EF - Canada
  •  with dual stainless steel condensing heat exchanger


  • Max GPM of 11 (on 199K BTU models)
  • Instant Hot Water at the Tap
  • Programmable time based activation
  • Save Time on Install with Built-in Pump
  • Redcuces Water Waste

Easy Installation and Service

  • Vents with PVC up to 100' (3") and 50' (2")
  • Common Vent Two Units Fewer wall penetrations, easier to install and more flexible options
  • 1/2" Gas line compatibility
  • Compatible with Room Air Intake More install options and faster to install

High Altitude Compliant

  • High-altitude capability – up to 10,000 ft. elevation above sea level

Low Emissions

  • Environmentally Friendly ultra low NOx burner meets SCAQMD rule 1146.2 requirements


  • Flame Sensor,
  • Overheat Cut Off Limit Switch
  • Gas Leak Detector sensor
  • Water Leak Detector Sensor
  • Exhaust Temperature Sensor
  • Water Temperature Sensor



  INDOOR DIRECT VENT - Up To 199,000 BTU/h


94 UEF - US / .96  EF - Canada EnergyStar
  INDOOR DIRECT VENT - Up To 180,000 BTU/h


94 UEF - US / .96  EF - Canada EnergyStar

  • .94 UEF - US
  • .96 EF - Canada
  • Built-in Recirculation
  • Programmable timer based activation
  • Reduces Water Waste
  • Ultra Low NOx Burner meets SCAQMD rule 1146.2


Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heaters with Built-in Recirculation
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Feature Sheet (Canada)
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Specification Sheet
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Specification Sheet (Canada)


12-Year heat exchanger – Residential

5-Year heat exchanger – Commercial

5-Year parts including Built-in Recirculation Pump

1-Year labor

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