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Great water heaters.
Great rates.

Hot water with low monthly payments.

You have enough things to worry about each day—don’t let hot water be one of them. Instead, get the ultimate peace of mind knowing Water Heaters Only and Rheem® have you covered.

The RheemCare Service Program:

  • Eliminates unexpected expenses
  • Avoids large up-front costs
  • Includes the water heater, installation, service, and any repair or replacement costs in one low monthly fee

Getting started is easy!
Call 954.466.7099 to schedule a consultation with a representative from Water Heaters Only who will review your options and budget, and guide you through the sign-up and installation process.

Available Models

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GOOD $29.99/mo.

Professional Classic®
Water Heater

PROE50 M2 RH95

• EverKleen™ self-cleaning device fights sediment build-up to offer enhanced durability and dependability

• Automatic thermostat keeps water at desired temperature

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BETTER $34.99/mo.

Professional Classic®
Smart Electric

PROP50 T2 RH95 EC2

Offers everything the Good model does, PLUS:

• Smart Detection with built-in LeakSense leak detection system that alerts of any leak—large or small, internal or external1

• Smart Control with built-in EcoNet® WiFi technology that allows you to check hot water availability, track energy usage, set vacation mode and manage your hot water experience2

• Smart Protection with all-inclusive LeakGuard™ prevention system that protects your home from potential water damage1

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BEST $49.99/mo.

ProTerra Hybrid Electric Water Heater

PROPH50 T2 RH350 D

Offers everything the Better model does, PLUS:

• Save $26/mo. in energy costs for a net cost of $23.99/mo.4

• Up to 400% more efficient than a standard electric water heater3 (It’s the most erergy efficient water heater on the market)

• Uses 75% less energy than a standard electric tank to minimize your impact on the environment3

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GOOD $34.99/mo.

Professional Classic®
Atmospheric Gas WH

PROG50-38N RH60

• 50 Gallon Capacity

• EverKleen Self-cleaning device fights sediment build-up to offer enhanced durability and dependability

• Guardian System® & Sensor provides added safety by disabling the heater in the presence of flammable vapor accumulation

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BEST $79.99/mo.

Professional Prestige® Tankless Gas


• Heats water only when you need it saving money on energy costs

• Provides continuous hot water for all our your daily needs – load the laundry, start the dishes and still have ample hot water to enjoy a relaxing bath

• Small, wall-mount design frees up valuable floor space within your home

• Save up to 1,100 gallons of water per year with our water savings setting5

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Eliminate large upfront costs and unexpected expenses.

FREE Installation

Zero Interest

No Down Payment

Free Service & Repairs

One Low Monthly Payment


You won’t spend time searching for a professional.

Dedicated Service Provider

Unlimited Service Calls

Lease Directly with Manufacturer

Automated Payments

Easy to Upgrade

Get higher efficiency and more advanced features.

High Efficiency Options for Energy and Water Savings

Smart Products Available for Additional Protection and Advanced Features


1 Call 954.466.7099 to schedule initial consultation with a trusted service provider.
2 Choose from a range of available water heater product options that best suit your needs and budget.
3 Review and sign your contract to authorize the water heater installation.
4 After the installation is complete, sign the Certificate of Satisfaction. You will be charged for your first month.
5 Enjoy your hot water knowing that Rheem has you covered!
For more information, contact Water Heaters Only by calling 954.466.7099 or click here to complete the form.


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