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E3T Digital Pool and Spa Heater

Model # ELS-M-0005-1-Ti
E3T Digital Pool and Spa Heater
E3T Digital Pool and Spa Heater

E3T Digital Pool and Spa Heater

Model # ELS-M-0005-1-Ti
  • Titanium Element
  • Integrated Flow Sensor
  • Easy to Use Digital Control
  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • Flow Sensor Technology
  • Analog Controls
  • Solid State Design
  • Ready To Install


The Electric 3-Series Titanium heater is the latest technology in pool and spa heating. The E3T is built with titanium heating elements and 316L stainless steel to withstand extreme pool water conditions, including salt water chlorinated pools. The E3T heater operates by utilizing the latest solid-state design and flow sensor technology. It has easy to use digital controls with diagnostics. The compact size makes it is easy to install for new construction or replacement installations.

Built-in intelligence.

The E3T is equipped with easy to use digital controls and diagnostics. Our digital control center shows the desired set point and lets you set the temperature exactly where you want it. The easy to read display allows you to see temperature, GPM flow, and diagnostics. The intuitive alert system keeps you informed.

Main Features:

Titanium Element
The E3T has a robust titanium heating element that not only prolongs the life of the heater, but allows it to work in extreme pool water environments, such as salt water chlorinated pools.

316L Stainless Steel
316L stainless steel is used in the construction of our heaters. This high grade, corrosion resistant steel is especially suited for salt water heating applications.

Flow Sensor Technology
E3T operates by utilizing the latest flow sensor technology instead of the traditional pressure switch activation. Our heater is programmed to have a minimum flow activation rate of 15 Gallons Per Minute, this helps protect the elements and prolong their lifespan.

Solid State Design
The E3T uses solid state controls to eliminate noisy and troublesome contractors providing quiet, reliable operation. The advanced design allows the heater to modulate power, only using the energy necessary

Product Info

Fuel Type Electric

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