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As a manufacturer profoundly dedicated to sustainability, we have a lot to say—and others have a lot to say about us. Click to read some articles by and about us.

Meet Chee Wee Gan, Rheem’s New Sustainability Leader

Rheem’s Sustainability Team | March 2022

Chee Wee Gan, Rheem’s Senior Vice President, Strategy & Sustainability, sat down for a Q&A to share his background and his insights on the company’s sustainability program.

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Capturing Our Employees’ Best Ideas Through GoodWorks

John Fitzgerald, EVP, Operations | August 2021

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Rheem Is Changing the Waste Game

John Fitzgerald, EVP, Operations | February 2021

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Attracting and Training a New Generation of Contractors Through Sustainability

John Fitzgerald, EVP, Operations | February 2021

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Progress we’re proud of

Our New 2021 Sustainability Progress Report details how we’re tracking against our 2025 goals. See the report—and how we’re doing—below.

A Global Gathering

In December of 2021, Rheem held its inaugural Global Sustainability Summit, virtually hosting 250 employees from countries around the world to celebrate our progress, share ideas and collaborate on all things Sustainability.
Watch the video we shared to kick off the event.

The Rheem Family of Brands

When you see a badge from the Rheem family of brands on a piece of equipment, you know it stands for something. It represents our commitment to doing what’s right—for people, for the industry, for the planet.

Good by the Numbers

LED light conversion across our 20 global factories
Eemax® Tankless Electric Water Heaters installed in first net-zero school in Massachusetts
0.0M lbs
of air conditioning packaging materials eliminated each year
0M+ kWh
saved in 2020 through LED retrofits at facilities in US, Mexico and Australia
of our factories have achieved Zero Waste to Landfill status with one site
reaching a 100% diversion rate
0.00M kWh
saved by improvements in facilities located in Mexico
000M+ gal
of water saved per year from improvements in our factories
000 tons
of waste diverted from landfill by our Montgomery factory in 2020

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