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For more than 85 years, Rheem has been at the forefront of innovation in air, heat and water comfort solutions. And recently, we've been busier than ever. Focused on creating comfortable living and working environments, we've brought new thinking to traditional solutions to reinvent and reinvigorate ourselves and the industry. The result? New Rheem products that are more energy efficient and more integrated than ever before. Solutions that are easier to install, easier to maintain and easier on the environment. And stylish new designs that prove that being comfortable doesn't have to be boring. So get ready for an unprecedented era of all new Rheem products that are in a word, hot. It's the future of comfort technology, and it's going to be cool.
When the temperature is just right and you feel comfortable, you just can't help but smile. And that's the inspiration behind a brand new line of products that Rheem will start introducing in 2011. These sleek new designs will bring together all the qualities you've come to expect from Rheem and package them into one of the most powerful ways we can communicate with customers — our products. In addition to their smart style, these products will provide a platform to deliver new integrated technologies and innovative features that will help you sell to more customers. See, you're grinning already!
The U.S. Department of Energy reports that HVAC and water heating systems account for 60% or more of all utility expenditures.* So how do we make the most use of that energy? Better yet, how do we reduce it? Our engineers are answering those questions with Rheem Integrated Comfort Solutions. By combining high-efficiency HVAC and water heating systems, we're harmonizing air, heat and water into single, complete, efficient solutions.
By engineering systems that work in harmony, we're creating exciting new products including the Rheem Integrated Heating and Water Heating System, the Rheem Residential Hybrid Water Heater, the Rheem Condensing Tankless Water Heater and the Rheem Hybrid Air and Water Commercial Package System.
To raise the bar in product performance, we've set a new standard in just about every area. Today, our high-efficiency water and air solutions offer lower energy consumption, fewer installation demands and fewer maintenance needs. As a result, many of our products are ENERGY STAR® qualified, contribute to LEED certification and provide some of the best warranties in the industry. With our focus on creating the type of high-efficiency solutions that consumers demand, we're delivering a new degree of comfort for home and business environments across a range of products.
SolPak® Active Solar Our innovative solar water heating systems can provide up to 80% of a home's hot water, depending on geographic location. Tankless Water Heaters With a 94% efficiency, our new line of condensing tankless water heaters provide all the hot water customers need. Hybrid Water Heaters With an energy factor (EF) of 2.0, our Hybrid Water Heaters deliver exceptional energy savings by integrating Rheem heat pump technology with conventional electric elements. "The Mighty 30" Packing the performance of a 50 gallon water heater into a compact size, our new 30 gallon water heater supplies more hot water, more efficiently than many larger heaters and comes with advanced diagnostic controls. SPIDERfire™ Commercial Water Heaters Designed with advanced technology, offering up to 95% thermal efficiency, reliability and maximum savings on operation, space and installation. Powered Damper Technology A less expensive alternative to condensing technology, powered dampers automatically retain heat after shut down, cutting standby heat losses.
95% Modulating Furnace Our new Prestige™ Series Modulating Furnace delivers supreme home comfort and accurate temperature control within one-half degree. Our furnaces greatly improves energy efficiency, reduces energy costs and delivers precise temperature control. Commercial Package Unit with ClearControl™ Technology Our leading diagnostics system makes life easier for commercial contractors and building management professionals. The technology can plug-and-play with existing building automation systems all through an easy-to-read LCD display. Comfort Control2 System Our advanced HVAC control system offers homeowners complete control at the touch of a button. The system measures temperature, relative humidity and provides maintenance reminders for filter changes. Geothermal Our geothermal heat pumps derive up to 90% of their heat directly from the earth itself, creating a clean, free and sustainable heating and cooling source. This dramatically reduces energy costs while providing complete air comfort to customers.
Pool & Spa Our pool and spa heaters bring comfort to the outdoor living areas of your home while being efficient and dependable. Whether you want to swim laps year-round or unwind in your spa after a long day, we have the products to make it possible.
Indoor Air Quality Our line of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products takes home comfort to the next level with products including UV treatment systems and electronic air cleaners, designed to remove impurities from the air and improve overall air quality within the home. Additionally, our humidification and dehumidification products ensure optimal moisture levels within the home.
Home Generators Our home standby generators ensure whole home comfort is maintained and life continues even during power outages. Having the ability to detect a power outage, Rheem home standby generators are fully automatic and will start up without any homeowner interaction.
With operations around the world, Rheem delivers comfort solutions on a global scale. But as we continue to expand our reach, we remain true to our roots in local, responsive service. Whether you're a contractor, builder or architect who needs help selecting a specific system, a utility that's looking for new solutions to offer customers or a wholesaler wanting the best products and services for your clients, we're here for you. With state-of-the-art manufacturing, unprecedented investment in R&D and a focus on customer feedback, we're improving product performance and efficiency every day.
The words "quality", "reliability" and "service" are all said differently on every continent, but there's only one way to say them in every language — "Rheem".