VentMaster™ is a series of power direct vent commercial gas water heaters that are a good choice for buildings with tight construction or when indoor air quality is a concern

Features & Benefits
VentMaster power direct vent commercial water heaters provide outside air for combustion, which eliminates negative air pressure issues in tight construction. Models are available in 150,000, 199,900 and 250,000 Btu/h, with a maximum temperature setting of 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thermal Efficiency

Meets or exceeds a minimum of 80% (non-condensing)

System Sentinel™ LED Diagnostic System

Our exclusive diagnostic system, with glowing LED lights, verifies system operation sequence by sequence.

Patented Technology

Patented multi-flue tank design has a proprietary steel formulation with two coats of high temperature porcelain enamel to maximize corrosion resistance. This results in a superior, long lasting heat exchanger.

Integral Automatic Blower

The 120 Volt blower assists in quietly discharging combustion gases.

Gas Control System

The control system has a fully adjustable thermostat from 100° F to 180° F. The 24 volt combination gas valve includes main gas pressure regulation and an on-off manual valve. The 120/24 volt transformer and high limit cut-out allow for accurate and safe temperature settings.

Easier, Less Costly Venting

Installs with 3" or 4" Schedule 40 PVC pipe; no masonry or metal vent chimney is required. Can be installed virtually anywhere. Maximum vent length is 50 feet.

Base Rail Design

Provides better handling when moving the unit. Full-port, Full-flow Drain Valve Factory installed brass drain valve allows for faster draining and servicing.

Direct Spark-to-Pilot Ignition System

Less fuel consumption

Altitude Certification

Certified up to 5,000 feet

CSA/ASME Rated T&P Valve

Factory installed relief valve

Hand-hole Cleanout

Easy removal of sediment deposits

100 GP100-200 199,900
100 GP100-250(A) 250,000

(A) Indicates available ASME model


(Not available in Canada)

  • Power direct vent – 100 gallon, 150,000 & 250,000 BTU/Hr.
  • Vents up to 50 feet
  • Patented automatic blower
  • Spark to pilot ignition system


Brochure (US)
Revit Model (GP100, 150, 250)
Specification Sheet (US)
Use and Care Instructions (US)
Warranty Information (US)


Tank Warranty - 3 Years
Parts Warranty - 1 Year

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