The Ruud Tip Sheet to Winter Heating.
As temperatures begin to dwindle down, Ruud wants to make sure you’re fully prepared for winter. Now is a great time to call your reliable, local Ruud contractor and have them inspect your home comfort system to ensure the highest level of comfort satisfaction throughout the winter season.
  •  Ensure that the blower doors of the unit are properly replaced
  • Inspect the filter to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced
  • Make sure all connections on the unit are securely fastened
  • Remove any flammable objects in close proximity to the unit
  • Oil the blower motor and check the blower belt for looseness

Ruud has a full line of reliable heating products designed to keep you comfortable year-round. In fact, a home comfort system featuring the new Comfort Control System delivers integrated control technology to monitor performance, conduct self-diagnosis, and provide active protection on a 24/7 basis. For more information on this innovative technology and tips on how to keep your home comfort system operating at maximum capacity, contact your local Ruud contractor today.