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1300 Residential Electric

1300 - General Safety Precautions - Residential Electric Water Heaters
1300 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Safety precautions for flammable vapors and scalding.
1301 - Electric Water Heater Maintenance
1301 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Routine maintenance and periodic inspections can extend the life of your water heater.
1302 - How an Electric Thermostat Works
1302 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: A description of the operating cycle of an electric thermostat.
1303 - Condensation of Electric Water Heaters
1303 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Water condensation is often mistaken for a leaking heater.
1304 - Noisy Electric Water Heaters
1304 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Describes the causes of hissing and singing noises in an electric water heater.
1305 - Heating Elements Properties; Voltage, Amps, Ohms
1305 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Technical table showing characteristics of residential and commercial grade heating elements.
1306 - Statement of Down-Rating Electrical Heating Elements
1306 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: "When less than design voltage is applied to an element, it will not function as well."
1307 - Residential Electric Troubleshooting Table
1307 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Troubleshooting table to help diagnose problems and complaints.
1308 - Electric Heating Element Failures
1308 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: The information in this bulletin is intended to acquaint you with the various types of electric heating element field failures.
1309 - Residential Electric Recovery Rates
1309 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Recovery rates in gallons per hour for electric water heaters. Chart is from 1 kW to 54 kW. Also includes mathematical formulas.
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