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1400 Res. Standing Pilot Gas

1400 - General Safety Precautions - Residential Gas Water Heaters
1400 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Safety precautions about flammable vapors and scalding.
1401 - Standing Pilot Gas Water Heater Maintenance
1401 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Routine maintenance and periodic inspections can extend the life of your water heater.
1402 - Condensation of Gas Water Heaters
1402 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Water vapor is a chief by product of the combustion of gas. Here is what happens.
1403 - Corrosive Atmospheres
1403 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Corrosive atmospheres are caused by any number of chemicals found within a home or business.
1404 - High Altitude Affects on Gas Fueled Water Heaters
1404 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: The amount of fuel required at sea level for a clean burn is not the same amount of fuel required when the heater is installed in a high altitude application.
1405 - Standing Pilot Gas Troubleshooting Table
1405 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Troubleshooting table to diagnose faults and complaints.
1406 - Noisy Gas Water Heaters
1406 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: "Describes the causes of rumbling, pounding, and sizzling noises in a gas water heater. "
1407 - Gas Fuel Conversions of Residential and Commercial Water Heaters
1407 - Gas Fuel Conversions of Residential and Commercial Water Heaters
ABSTRACT: Requirements and restrictions for gas water heater fuel conversion.
1408 - Residential Gas Recovery Rates
1408 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Recovery rates in gallons per hour for gas water heaters. Also includes mathematical formulas.
1409 - Negative Air Pressure
1409 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Any device that pulls air out of a house can create negative air pressure. This bulletin describes the effects on a gas fired water heater.
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