Water Heater Technical Bulletins

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1500 Manufactured Housing

1500 - Combustion Air - Manufactured Home Direct Vent Water Heaters
1500 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: The direct vent water heaters produced by Rheem Manufacturing Company are designed for use in manufactured housing and are required to comply with the provisions of UL Standard 307, Gas Burning Heating Appliances for Manufactured Homes and Recreational Vehicles.
1501 - Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Compliance Certificate (Electric)
1501 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: This certificate applies to Rheem, Ruud, and Richmond brand water heaters.
1502 - Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Compliance Certificate (Gas)
1502 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: HUD certification of Rheem's residential electric water heaters.
1503 - Installation Instructions for the High Wind Vent Cap
1503 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: This vent cap may be used with manufactured housing direct vent water heaters in high wind conditions to reduce nuisance pilot outage.
1504 - Alternative Roof Jacks for Atmospheric Manufactured Home Gas Water Heaters
1504 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: These alternate supplier roof jacks have been certified and approved for use.
1505 - Installation Instructions Roof Jack Extension Kit
1505 Technical Bulletin
1506 - Conversion Instructions—Natural Gas to LP Gas
1506 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Fuel Conversion Instructions for Manufactured Housing products only