Water Heater Technical Bulletins

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1200 Common Bulletins

1201 - Anode Rods and Cathodic Protection
1201 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Describes how an anode rod protects the inside of the water heater. Also refer to doc # 1219.
1202 - How to Flush a Residential Water Heater
1202 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Procedures for flushing a residential gas or electric water heater to remove sediment.
1203 - Percentage of Hot and Cold Water Mix
1203 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: "When you take a shower, do you know how much is hot water and how much is cold water? This bulletin will show you."
1204 - Sizing of a Residential Water Heater
1204 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: "Explains ""peak hour demand"" and shows how to calculate the size of a water heater for your family."
1205 - Water Heater Safety
1205 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Some general safety precautions for both gas and electric water heaters.
1206 - Smelly Water and the Rotten Egg Odor
1206 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Explains the incidence of smelly water and how to control it.
1207 How to Read Rheem/Ruud Serial Numbers
How to Read Rheem/Ruud Serial Numbers
ABSTRACT: How to locate and interpret the Rheem/Ruud serial numbers. Also includes the new serial number conventions effective April 2012.
1208 - Submerged Water Heaters
1208 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: What to do if your water heater is submerged in water.
1209 - Thermal Expansion
1209 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Thermal Expansion
1210 - Water Chemistry
1210 Technical Bulletin
ABSTRACT: Explains the aggressive effects of water inside a water heater. Explains commonly found minerals.
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